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A Broken Heart (Delores)

Absolutely Absolute (Delores)

Absolutely (Delores)

Accelerate and Brake

A Cloud in the Forecast (Delores)

A Disciple is a Good Steward (Freddy)

A Father after Godís Own Heart (Delores)

A Fit Wordly Spoken (Delores)

A Glimpse of Heaven (Joyce Lock)

A Love Story (Freddy)

A Love Story 2 (Freddy)

A Right Decision Brings Peace (Freddy)

A Singular Focus (Delores)

An Unmistakable Life (Freddy)

Anyhow Love (Delores)

Are We There Yet? (Delores)

Are You A Patriot? (Jody Lewis)

As Long As the River Flows (Delores)

Assurance (Delores)

A Tree in the Sea (Delores)

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Awards and Gifts



Be Thankful for Godís Word (Delores)

Best Sheep and Fatted Calf (Delores)

Bible Study Helps

Book, The

Break and Share

Bridge Building Material (Delores)

But For the Grace of God (Delores)


Cain & Abel Analogy (Freddy)

Can You Imagine (Delores)

Character Building (Freddy)

Christ Child Grew Up, The (Delores)

Choices (Freddy)

Colored Glasses (Delores)

Comfort and Hope (Delores)

Communion with God (Delores)

Counting the Ways (Joyce Lock)

Crossing Over In God's Time (Delores)


Decisions (Freddy)

Decisions Must Be Made (Freddy)

**Derick--Memorial Page**

Difference Between Fact and Faith (Freddy)

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Dig Again the Well (Delores)

Discipline (Delores)

Do You Know Jesus (Delores)

Donít Drink the Water (Billie Grubbs)

Drinking From the Fountain (Billie Grubbs)

Dwelling In the Presence of God (Freddy)


Faith of Our Fathers (Delores

Father--God's P.R. Person

Fatherís Day (Freddy)

First Love (Billie Grubbs)

Fishers of Men (Delores)

Forgiveness (James Lewis)

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*Friendsí Poetry Home Page*

Fulfillment (Delores)


Gifts God Gave (Delores)

God Bless America--Again (Delores)

God Brings Us Out (Delores)

Godís Column (Delores)

God's Forgetfulness (Delores)

Godís Gentle Care (Delores)

God's Traffic Signals

Gospel Light (Freddy)

Grand Old Flag (Delores)

Guest Book


Harvest (Delores)

Harvesting With Undesirables (Delores)

He Brings Us Out to Bring Us In (Delores)

He Lives (Delores)

He Was There All the Time (Delores)

Hearing, Now Hear This (Delores)

Hearing, Now Hear This 2 (Delores)

He'll Be There (Delores)

He's Still My Father (Delores)

Hidden Dirt (Faye Coleman)

His Hands (Delores)

Holding Pattern (Faye Coleman)

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Honor Thy Father (Delores)

How Far Would You Go (Karen Brooks)

How Is Your Salt? (Delores)

How Then Shall We Live (Delores)


I Remember Mama, Delores

I See (Delores)

If Someone(Delores)

Instrument & Vessels (Delores)

Intermittent or Steady (Delores)

Is Change Good (Freddy)

Is It a Test or a Temptation (Delores)

Is It Just Another Holiday ?? (Delores)

Is It Lovely? (Delores)

It Is Finished (Delores)

It is Our Birthday (Delores)

It Only Takes a Little (Delores)


Jesus Had to Do it

Judgment Stones

Just Remember (Joyce Lock)


Key to Success 1 (Delores)

Key to Success 2 (Delores)



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