“Instruments of God”—What a lovely thought!  Each instrument was badly out of tune but now is fine-tuned to His standard to make beautiful music and harmony.  Now they are fitted into the plan that God has orchestrated for our lives individually and for our part in the orchestra of His church producing the melodious sounds that together we send out to the world to win it to Christ.


God has been kind enough to trust us with this work.  That’s why we never give up.  We are like clay jars in which this treasure is stored.  The real power comes from God and not from us” (2 Corinthians 1:1, 7).


Not only are we “instruments” for God, we are vessels that God has ordained to contain His fullness through Christ Jesus.

“Just as parents are kind to their children, the Lord is kind to all who worship him, because he knows we are made of dust” (Psalm 103:13, 14).


Wonder of wonders—God remembers; He knows! That we are created from and are but dust.  He knows because it is He who created us.


At the time this scripture was written, a vessel, lamp, was made from “dust” of the earth (clay).  The lamp-vessel was used to hold precious oil that was burned to produce light which dispelled darkness.


The “treasure,” the light, has been given to us who are but vessels made from dust to shine from our perishable ‘earthen vessels’ that the glory of God through Christ Jesus may be reflected through us and illuminate the darkness of this world. 


We see by these verses that the glory of God is not in this clay vessel, which is but a container of the precious light.  There is neither glory nor honor for this vessel apart from the precious treasure it contains.  It is not our shape or color, but the priceless contents that make it a vessel of honor and great value.

Isn’t it amazing that God would trust these frail, flawed, cracked pots (and sometimes crack-pots!) to hold His treasure of light and grace.  J. B Phillips wrote, “Christ is the aperture through which the immensity and magnificence of God can be seen.”  So it is only as Christ dwells in His fullness in us that our “vessels” can show forth the glory of God.


“Father, what a marvelous thing you have done!  You have taken these out-of-tune instruments and fine-tuned them to make beautiful harmony for you.  You have seen these earthen vessels and know that they are but dust, but you have blessed them with Your light and grace for Your glory through Jesus Christ.


“May we allow the Holy Spirit to make us more conscious of our contents and not limit Your power by our own frailties, but help us to allow you to mold our vessels and tune our instruments and use us as You please for Your glory.  We know we can never achieve worthiness by our own might or our own power, but it is by Your spirit.  Make us lighted vessels and harmonious instruments in Your kingdom.”





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