He Was ThereAll the Time

(Daniel 6)  In a foreign pagan land where he had been taken captive along with a host of the choice people of Israel, Daniel stayed true to his God and worshipped only Him.  In fact, he continued his practice of praying daily facing his beloved city, Jerusalem.  His windows were open as his prayer drifted out into the air not friendly with his God.


King Darius had seen the potential in Daniel’s intelligence and integrity and promoted him as the number one president in his kingdom.  Other native men who desired the prestigious position were insanely jealous and plotted to unseat Daniel.  His diligence in the king’s business was impeccable, so they could find nothing with which to fault him; they knew they would have to find some other means to discredit him.  It would have to be something having to do with religion and pit his religion against the pagan religion.

They convinced King Darius that he alone should be honored as a god and that it would be required of everyone in his kingdom to come to him with their prayers of petition for the next 30 days; anyone who violated this irreversible firm decree would be cast into a den of lions. 


Not suspecting their treachery, the flattered king signed the decree into a law of the Medes and Persians which could not be rescinded.  When he heard that Daniel refused to obey, he had no choice but to allow him to be cast into the lion’s den.  While Daniel slept among the lions, the king was so troubled that he tossed and turned and spent the night fasting. 


As soon as morning dawned, the king rushed to the lion’s den and called out to Daniel.  King Darius was overjoyed to hear Daniel reply that his God had shut the mouth of the lions and he had suffered no harm.  The king commanded that he be removed from the den and the men who accused Daniel be put in it instead, and immediately the mouth of the lions was opened to their despair and death.

The king was saddened when Daniel was put in the lion’s den because he didn’t know that Daniel’s God “was there all the time.”  An angel kept Daniel company as the lions purred!

"For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways" (Psalm 91:11).

Daniel's God "was there all the time!"


(2 Kings 6) The king of Syria was waging war against Israel.  He laid careful plans for victory, but every time he began to execute them, the King of Israel and his army escaped without harm.  How frustrated the Syrian king must have been.  His expectations of conquering and capturing the Israeli king consistently fell through.

He called his servants together and inquired which of them was a spy for Israel and informed them of the Syrian plans.  It was too much to assume that it was a coincidence that Israel sidestepped every clever plan and escaped.  One of the servants had somehow discovered that it wasn’t a Syrian spy in their midst, but it was Elisha the prophet of Israel.  God would reveal the actions and intents of the Syrian army to Elisha, and he in turn would inform the king of Israel who planned his strategy around it.  Even words spoken in his “bedchamber” were related to Israel’s king.

Something had to be done about Elisha!  The Syrian army was sent to “fetch him.”  Horses, chariots and a great host descended upon the location of Elisha by night with every intention of capturing him so he could not be a messenger to Israel’s king.  They thought they had the perfect strategy; however, Elisha’s God was wide awake while he slept. 

Elisha’s servant was alarmed upon arising that morning to see that they were surrounded by Syrians; he reported their predicament to Elisha expecting capture at any moment.  What a surprise the servant had when he was instructed to look again.  God opened his eyes and let him see that on the mountain between them and the Syrians were horses and chariots of fire!

Elisha knew something that his servant hadn’t discovered:  “God was there all the time!”

God altered the vision of the entire Syrian army, and unknowingly they allowed Elisha to lead them right into the midst of Israel’s army and the king!

Satan still plots against the children of God.  He has elaborate plans for our demise.  You would think that after centuries of having his evil plans thwarted by God he would have given up long ago, but he still hasn't quit trying to overthrow the Kingdom of God. 

When we see the equivalent of a host of the Syrian army surrounding us and there seems to be no way out, remember God is our protector.  We might not see any evidence, we might not hear His trumpet calling angels to our rescue, we may not sense His presence in the midst of the battle; but rest assured--

"He was there all the time!"

When we have been thrown to the lions and feel their breath and see their barred teeth, we don't need to panic.  The same sedative the angels feed the lions in Daniel's den, is effective today.  They have to obey the command of the messengers from God and take a nap while we are being tested so we can report--

"He was there all the time!"



 Several years ago, Gary S. Paxton wrote a popular song titled “He Was There All the Time.”

He was there all the time
 He was there all the time
 Waiting patiently in line
 He was there all the time

Don't let Satan's lions or army intimate you.  God has seen your struggle and is waiting for you to turn to Him; just remember--

"He was there all the time!"


"...I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee" (Hebrews 13:5).




@ There's Good News February 2014


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