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It only takes a little gas to get you to the station

Where you can fill your tank and reach your destination.

It only takes a little map with cities, streets and states

To show the way to go to find the one who waits.


It only takes a little food to ease a man’s starvation.

A little desert shade can be a man’s preservation.

A little water to the thirsty will heal lips that are parched.

A little rest for the weary will give them a fresh new start.


A little smile will turn an ugly scowl upside down.

It will show your dimples and chase away a frown.

A smile makes the corners of your mouth to raise

Like miniature hands to give God a praise.


A little word spoken fitly on the branches of a smile

Is like a golden apple to savor for a while.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me” set in a frame of silver

Can mend a broken friendship and can peace deliver.


A little faith casts a mountain into the depths of the sea.

It can even uproot and transplant a tree!

A little mustard seed of faith is really all it takes

To overcome the doubt and the fear in its wake


Just a little bit of love goes a long, long way

Just a few little words may make someone’s day.

A little word of encouragement would be a special treat

To get them through the day still standing on their feet.



It only takes a little sin to stain the righteous soul.

A little excuse without repentance can leave you in a hole.

It only takes a little slide when you’re climbing up the hill

To start going down again and your joy-cup contents spill.


It only takes a little blood from Emanuel’s bleeding hands

To cleanse and lift you up and let you start again.

Yes, it only takes a little; it goes a very long way—

All the way from Calvary to that glorious Eternal Day!











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