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While it is true that there is bad news all around us, that is not where the child of God lives.  In the midst of the fiercest storm there is a place of calm in the center.  We are all faced with storms, some fierce, but none are stronger than He who calms the storm.

We hope you can find a calm in your storm as you come with us into God's Word where you can find peace and safety.  We will have updates often, so come back when you can.

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Freddy was guest writer at Word of Life Ministry (Click on "Hand In Hand Ministry" at Word of Life) for the month of September 2006.  Rev. James Lewis has since closed his website.

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Freddy Shares His "Philosophy"

Learning To Do Well

I found a scripture in Isaiah 1:17 that says, "Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow."

It is actually talking about making a right choice and defending those who are without; but the phrase "learn to do well" to me means if you learn to do well and make right decisions, you will excel in everything you do.

Strive to gain knowledge and understanding and in all your getting, get wisdom or good judgment.  One way of learning to do well (Proverbs 1:5), be attracted and surround yourself with people who have success.  In any business or job that you pursue, if you want to be the best, then you will have to trained.  Start by being around people who know what they are doing.

When considering the things that need to be done find a way to pursue excellence.  The desire that I have causes me to make choices as to where and whom I will learn them from.  When I was young I thought like child and acted like a child, but as I have matured I have learned that if I want to do my best, I need to be around other people that are interested in doing their best.

I learned that the classes in high school that had the easiest teachers were not the best way for me to learn.  Most of the kids in my high school would choose teachers that their older friends and siblings told them were a breeze.  I usually didn't get the choice to attend those classes.  I ended up with the teachers that the kids all said, "There is no way I would be in her class."

You know, I enjoyed the teachers that were interested in teaching and training the students.  My grades were always higher in those classes rather than the "easy" classes.

While going to college I would still hear the students giving advice, "Take this instructor; it's an easy class."  Honestly, I tried a couple of the instructors that were "easy."  I learned that I want and desire the more disciplined classes, because that is where I gain the greatest advantage to excel.

I attended Bible school and, I chose Rhema Bible Training Center.  Rhema, I was told, was tough and rigid.  They were not loose with their training methods.  They intend on the students learning the courses and being trained for the ministry.  I graduated Rhema, and I am so thankful for the teaching and training because it is a school of excellence.  God spoke to me through the Holy Spirit in my spirit directing my path.  I am thankful that I listened and obeyed His voice.

In all that I do I am learning to do well.  I apply those principles everyday.  Why?  Because I want to follow God's will for my life, and I want all my desires to be fulfilled (Psalm 21:2).  He was honoring my desire to excel.  he was honoring my desire to do well.

In all that you do, do it as unto the Lord.  Whether you are a painter, plumber, welder, carpenter, accountant, office manager, trash collector or a preacher, don't settle for just a job; determine that you're going to excel in it.  Learn to do well and do whatever you have to do to research and study so you can become the best you can be.  Psalm 75:6,7 paraphrased says, "Promotion comes from the Lord."  If we are obedient and willing we put ourselves in position to be promoted.

Today I want to challenge you to learn to excel in your life.  Learn to do well.  When you do you will make right decisions.

God will bless you.  He wants you to be the best that you can be.  He wants you to learn to do well!


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