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There is a River

Don't Drink the Water

Drinking From the Fountain



There is a River

"There is a river that flows from God above" (so the song goes).  This river is a source where we can go and have our every need fulfilled.  In our times of sorrow it is the place where we can go and find comfort in its calming waters.  Through our sickness it becomes a pool of healing waters.  During our times of trials we can find strength in its enduring tide.  This river is a stream in the desert, quenching our thirsty troubled soul.  In the midst of persecution we can find a refuge beside these still waters.  When in doubt this river offers us faith.  It is like the waters of a deep well; we may not see the water without natural eyes, but when we pull the bucket up it is full of fresh clear water.  When we are saddened or down-trodden there is gladness at this river.  It becomes a river of joy, springing up like a fountain.

It doesn't matter what our need is it can be met within the life-changing waters of this river.  Still, the most important trip we will ever make to this river is our first.  When we came as sinners to be washed in its life-giving tide.  There we found a river that flows with God's mercy and His grace, a river of salvation.  This river that flows from heaven has the power to take that which was filthy and make it whiter than the snow!

These waters are able to cleanse that which was defiled.  This crimson tide is able to wash away all our shame, leaving us pure and holy, without spot or blemish.  It has the ability to do that which seemed impossible.  It offers us things we could never dream of, such as: peace, joy, hope and love.

This river is like no other because it is a river of love.  A love such as this world has never seen.  It is a love that caused a Father to give His Son in exchange for the lives of many.  A love that caused a Man to lay down His life, a life that was without sin, for who cursed Him.

Yes, there is a river that flows from God above, a river of freedom, a river of love, a river of....blood.  So come to this river, rest upon it's peaceful banks and find what you've been searching for within its fresh waters




 Don't Drink the Water


Have you ever been told 'don't drink the water?'  Chances are some of you have. The reasons may vary from too much lead in the water or poison or some other toxin.  We all have heard stories of how people have been lost at sea, floating on the largest body of water and yet died of thirst, because everyone knows you can't drink salt water.

In some places in the world there are bodies of poisonous water that may look harmless, but one sip and you'll die.  We've all heard on the news that different townships have been told to boil their water before drinking it and to buy bottled water.

The bottom line is that man cannot live without water.  It is the source of life.  When people do without water they become dehydrated, weak, sick and eventually would die.

It's the same way with Christians.  Many of whom are like the person on a raft, floating on a large body of water; but, unlike the sea, the water they are floating on is good; they just won't put their cup out to get a drink, so they go thirsty.  Some get their cups full, but allow outside forces to poke holes in their cups and allow the water to leak out.  Others allow toxins to invade their well, ruining all the water that is inside.  Still more get their cups full of water at one time but they allow all their resources to evaporate.

We don't have to buy into bottled water or allow our wells to be poisoned.  We don't have to drink bitter waters.  There is a place where we can go where the waters run free.  Water that is pure and refreshing.  We don't have to worry about what is in this water, for this is a healing stream.

Don't be afraid to launch out into these waters.  Dip your cup down into its flow and drink from the well that will never run dry.





From the Fountain

"I've Got a Secret!"

Now don't go telling on me, but I am going to let you in on a little secret.  Shhh!  It's about my father-in-law who is a pastor.  Some of you may already know this, but for those of you who don't, pay close attention-----

Almost every year he goes to Gatlinburg, Tennessee after the General Assembly, along with a lot of other people.  That's no secret.

But it just so happens that near the motel where he always stays is a municipal building that is home to a drinking fountain.  Every time he passes by that fountain he just has to get a drink.  Sometimes I bet he's not even thirsty, but gets a drink anyway.  He'll get a drink of that water and then proclaim, "That's the best water in the world."  Then he encourages anyone that's with him to take a drink.  "That water's so cold that it hurts your teeth," he says.

While some of us might think this is amusing, we really could learn a lesson from his behavior.  You see, many of us pass by a fountain every day but we're dying of thirst.  Why?  Because we won't stop to take a drink.

We've all heard how people become dehydrated, their bodies becoming ill from the lack of water.  It's unhealthy for the physical body to go without water.  Our Spiritual body is no different.  It needs to drink from the fountain every day.

Doctors recommend six to eight glasses of water a day to keep our bodies healthy and well supplied.  Why then do we limit our spiritual intake of living water to maybe once or twice a day?  Of course we're all busy; maybe too busy.  But we don't have to forget about our relationship with God.

Here's a little something for each of us to try; each time you get a little thirsty and get yourself a glass of something cool and refreshing, take a moment to say a word to the One who is like a cool drink of water in the desert.  Whether it be a word of praise or thanksgiving or just a moment of appreciation, take the time to let Him know that you're so glad that He's there.

Pretty soon maybe you'll be just like my father-in-law, stopping by that fountain even when you're not thirsty but just to get a drink anyway. 

After all, "It really is the best water there is!"


These messages are used by permission from

Billie Grubbs.  All righs reserved.








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