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Never a day in all of her life

Had Mary seen such darkness as had come,

For on this heartbreaking day

They had taken away her firstborn Son.

Even the sun from the midday sky

Seemed to have been erased.

For three long hours

It had hidden its face.


Her mind went back

More than thirty years;

Remembering her child

Brought a flood of fresh tears.

She knew from the start

He was no ordinary one;

An angel had come to earth

To announce the birth of her Son.


No, this was no ordinary Son,

She knew that from the start.

She observed His difference

And kept it all in her heart.

Three days have now past

Since He died on that tree.

She didn't yet understand--

He surrendered His life--for me.


But that was not the end

As she so sadly supposed~~

It was only beginning

For from the tomb He arose.

In full obedience, this Son,

With everlasting, unbelievable Love,

Had followed Redemption's plan

Set in motion from Heaven above.


His Father's will had been done.

JESUS IS NOW ALIVE~~Forever free!

Because He is, I am and you are;

You see, He did it for you and for me!


“It is finished, said He;

The work's been done.

This was God's Son~~

“Mary's Son.”


Copyrighted.  All rights reserved by Delores Adams

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Over my sins passed the blood—

The blood of the slain perfect Lamb,

Cleansing my soul,

Making me whole,

Nothing can e'er again be the same.


Above the din of the murderous mob,

God heard the cry of His Son;

“It is finished, He said,

And then bowed His head,

The plan of salvation was done.


Beyond the reach of death, hell and the grave

Jesus arose, death conquered for me!

With the keys in His hand,

He's now in command,

Through Christ I, too, am eternally free.

Over, above and beyond

All expectations, in Christ, were surpassed,

Filled to the brim,

Running over with Him,

Victorious!  Triumphant!  I am FREE at last!

Copyrighted.  All rights reserved by Delores Adams

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God is my Captain

As I sail this life's sea.

I'll fear not the darkness

Nor the storms that may be.

There'll be smooth sailing

Though the winds may blow;

The boat won't sink

Though the wild waves roll.

 He holds my hand--

Every day.

He guides my feet

Each step of the way

He shows me the way

That I should go.

He tells me things

That I ought to know.

What more could I ask—

How much less could I do—

Than to give Him my all

All my life through!


Copyrighted.  All rights reserved by Delores Adams

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Don't be too hasty in judging

That grumpy old man down the street.

Even though you can't see his mountain,

It may be very steep.

Struggling over a range of adversities

With no hope of an easier path,

He needs your cheerful smile and "Good day"”

Not your scorn and thoughtless wrath.


Let him see Christ in your daily life

And take courage from your faith.

You may be the instrument God would use

To lift his soul and change his fate.

So when you pass this poor soul tomorrow,

Stop and consider what could be:

“But for the Grace of God,

That grumpy old man might be me.”


Copyrighted.  All rights reserved by Delores Adams

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Stairs and prayers,

each in their own way,

Help us ascend

as we walk and as we pray.


One step at a time

is all we must take;

One day at a time

is all that's at stake.


We'll pray without ceasing”

climbing upward each day—

Our lamp is God's Word

to light up our way.


The higher we climb,

the clearer the air;

Yesterday's burdens

are yesterday's cares.


The joy of tomorrow,

when we stand at the top,

Will make us glad we decided

to go on and not stop!


Copyrighted.  All rights reserved by Delores Adams

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If my eyes fail me

and I can't see a day of spring,

If my ears fail me

and I can't hear a robin sing,


If my legs fail me

and won't take me anywhere,


If my arms fail me

and I can't lift them in the air –


That can't change my spirit

from seeing

that God's love is all around;


That can't change my heart

from hearing

that His grace does abound;


That can't keep me

from traveling

to that place of blessed abode;


Nor can it keep

my heart

from raising "hands" that praise the Lord.


Copyrighted.  All rights reserved by Delores Adams

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Stand Up!

Stand up on the inside and give the devil his due!

He's here to kill and destroy, and he'll do it to you.

No one is exempt from his vicious attack;

He'll do all that he can to make you falter and turn back.


But the Lord has the strength to help you to grow,

If you don't block the channel through which it must flow.

He stands waiting in love with arms open wide

And wants to comfort and hold you close by His side.


Don't shut His love out; let it's warmth fill your soul.

It makes Him so sad to see you out in the cold.

Jesus understands because He's been where you are

His friends, while He died, only watched from afar.


He did it for them and for you and for me—

The victory has been won.—Believe it!  Be free!

Stand up!  Take His hand; let His love soothe your pain.

Reach out.  Touch another; let His love flow again.


Copyrighted.  All rights reserved by Delores Adams







Created in the heart of every man

Is a capacity for God’s Love and Grace;

And no matter how fully he tries to live,

Without God, his life is empty, void, base.


Some rely on riches or on worldly fame,

Others try good deeds and morality;

But nothing can fill the heart’s longing

Except God and His reality.

Why men fail to see this marvelous truth

Is a trick of Satan to deceive.

The heart will not accept a substitute;

Without God’s Love, true joy cannot be achieved.


Many hearts will remain unsettled,

Seeking fulfillment, trying every other course,

Only to find at the end of a frustrated life

That they have overlooked the only Source.


All rights reserved by Delores Adams September 2006

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