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Happy Father's Day   






We all remember that Father’s Day is close and before we realize it, it will be here; and because of that reason and the importance of time, I wanted to begin the month of June with a thought about parenting and accepting our life experiences. We don’t all have Fathers or Mothers but we do have parents.  If we are not able to have our birth parents in our lives we all tend to adopt them.  We learn what we accept and what we reject based on the information we receive from our parents. In this season remember that we as parents are blessed to receive and honored to give. Be blessed and prosper in this season.

 Happy Fathers Day…

  I know our children are growing up. They grow up quicker than any thought
could ever imagine.  Sometimes while I am sitting meditating on recent events and make needed adjustments in my time schedule so that I can get everything accomplished, one of the most important things that go through my thoughts concern my children; and I want to know that they are receiving enough information to make proper decisions when they are older.

No matter what we have done we can always remember that our Father in Heaven loves us, and everything He designed for our walk on this earth is being fulfilled.  The potentials change, of course, by our choices but the calling is fulfilled.  It all works together for good.  I know that if I do not make the right decision my children will learn from a different avenue. Sometimes that avenue is better or easier for them to grasp, sometimes it is a harder way for them to learn a lesson in life.

You can view your childhood and think how you could have had things so much easier or you could have had better experiences “only if” and imagine that later in life if we are perfect our family will benefit from our experience… Now looking in the present day we discover that our children are facing the same decisions, going through the same process because it is natural for us to seek to improve our lives.  It doesn’t matter who we are or where we come from it is our nature to nurture our families and want to improve.

I am satisfied with the upbringing I received and the life I now live.  I pray that we as fathers will come to rest, knowing that we are all in our Father’s hands, and He will always be our present help in times of our troubles.  None of us are really exempt from making mistakes.  We all need assistance in our lives and no matter how hard we study things before we act upon them, we are not perfect.

The decision is not perfection but to make a mark of excellence, giving your best.  If you will always do the best you can do you can know and have confidence that your family, friends, coworkers, church family will receive that same desire, that same spirit of excellence.  The nature that is in you to do your best is the same spirit that resides in your children.  Our Father in Heaven has your best interest at heart; He has the best interest of your children at heart, and now we find rest for our weary troubled soul, in Him.

I am thankful for the lessons in life I learned no matter the teacher; father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, pastors, teachers, and countless others.  I still learned what I know based upon the influences of many.  Your children and mine have the opportunity to have similar teachers.  They will not have the exact list but nonetheless they will receive divine guidance; and, yes, you as the father and leader of the home are one of the teachers, the influencer on everyone’s list.   You bring blessings to the lives of many.

All that know you want to take the opportunity today to thank you for bringing so many wonderful thoughts & memories, you taught many wonderful things that have been used through the course of life.  Take an account of life, view life from different angles, and determine to recognize and receive the positive influences; and by choice allow them to have dominion; seek, find and receive the things that are good.  Know that all the other influences are there daily but keep focused mainly on the areas that you desire to have the greatest influence.

Always remember that you are one and you have the most influence; you have been equipped to be a special teacher; you always take time to prepare and train your family, and you are one that receives admiration.  You inspire many in many different ways.  Although you are not perfect, you receive guidance by the Holy Spirit of God; and through your obedience and Love you will continue to do well for your family and community you have developed many excellent ways that are mimicked by all that know you.

Today realize how important your life and your decisions have already become.  Choose to be excellent in all you do and make that choice for you and the future of your family, your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren.  I pray that your future you will continue to be a blessing to many and you will have the opportunity to have the relationship you so desire with all of your children.  Each day of your life, as you can, receive with joy the time and receive every opportunity that will allow your life’s voice to make the difference in the lives of your family.

"Father, in the name of your Son we come to you to give you thanks for our lives.  Father, I want to thank you for allowing me to come to the understanding of the importance of how my life’s role carries my family into the future extending through time.  A mark that will remain, I pray that as we are able to understand and allow the spirit of life to flow through us that we as fathers will continually grow to realize that we are a reflection of our father, we are a reflection of our Heavenly Father.

"Each of us sets an example in the lives of our children and becomes a living example as to how our children see our father God.  Thank you for helping each of us see today and may we all walk in the light of your Word.  Today I ask a special blessing upon each father, each parent, each child that hear these words that they will be strengthened, enlightened, encouraged, knowing that the glory of the Father is seen in the life of the Son.  In the name of your son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen."

May you be enriched with power to do all that has been placed at your charge.

......Freddy Roark
















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