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Life is a classroom and we are all classmates.  Welcome to Class!  Click below to visit one of my classrooms and learn with me.

Learning From Life


The Difference Between Fact and Faith

"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15)



Have you ever thought about the magnificent role a person plays in life?  How wonderful it is to be a student and a teacher?  To be able to stand in a position in life and learn so much from your pupil as you are trying your best to teach them?

Each day you pull from your resources not only from your childhood experiences but from your everyday experiences.  Your experiences of yesterday will bring help to your children to help them learn in every area of life.  Think about the opportunity we have in this life.  We have the opportunity to view life from a different prospective and the opportunity to see our mistakes and change our mistakes, change our course in life, before those bad habits are learned and repeated by our children.

Along with this opportunity to live as a parent, we have the grand opportunity to have a companion, a Friend that will be there always to help in time of need to support us when we need strength and to help when we are weak.  It is a humbling experience but one that we truly find to be life giving and bring daily nourishment.  Through the power and strength of the Holy Spirit combined with the Word of God we are nourished and strong; we are well able to possess the promises that we have been given in this life.

We have the greatest opportunity to feel and give love to many, many people, and some of them will one day be older and wiser and be given this same opportunity that we have been given.

Living is a wonderful experience to share~

....Freddy Roark


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Now having acquired the wisdom Learned from Life --

Apply it to Life with -- "Steadfastness"



"I have applied mine heart to know, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things..." (Proverbs 7:25).


We have to be established and make certain that our interior makeup and design have been proven to withstand disasters of this life that will come against us.  I heard one person say “You are not here on this earth to be comfortable.” I think we can be comfortable, but our first priority would be to do the work of our Father in Heaven.

While being about our Father’s business we realize, as so many others before us, that adversity will come to prevent the work from being done.  Pressures will come from all sides to cause us to take detours so the work will not be complete.  When adversity in life comes, we must show courage by pressing forward with determination to succeed.  If we are going to press forward, we must first develop a steadfast life in Christ, because being steadfast allows us to be able to stand firm and gives us a strength that will allow us to press against the pressure.

Do not waiver from your belief, do not be timid, do not shy away; and when things do not look like they are in your favor, do not surrender but be consistent, be strong, and believing that He who sent you will forever take care of you.  Today, you will have the opportunity to hold fast to your belief; you will have the opportunity to be a blessing, and you will have the opportunity to press against the pressures of life.

I pray that you will choose in accordance so your choices will allow the Lord to bless you openly.  A miracle is within reach and you are a key.  Seek to be a blessing.

Have a wonderful day and may God’s best be yours~

...Freddy Roark

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Wisdom "Learned" and "Applied" reveals the "Difference Between Facts and Faith"





"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father but by me" (John 14:6).

In order to live a life style that is worthy of the name of Jesus Christ we must learn the difference between having the facts and having faith, and after we have learned the difference we must strive to understand that difference.

What is the difference between a fact and having faith?  There are so many times we say that we do know and other times when we have questions but never admit our doubt, because we believe that confessing would bring about a change in what is real to us.  The reality is that God already knows what lies in your heart and He still loves you.

Human nature desires to see and touch to know what is real, and faith believes without seeing.  Faith knows without the physical evidence of seeing.  Faith is seeing with the spirit not the physical eye.  We do see the evidence with our physical eye because we were first able to see with our spiritual eye.

When we really know and decide we are ready to live the life of a believer that does not mean that we will never have a doubt but it means we quit allowing our doubts to rule our lives.  We continue as believers even when doubt rises because our faith is stronger than our doubts.  We as believers choose to believe what the Word of God says instead of the words of doubt and unbelief that are cast into our thoughts like fiery darts.  We are able to quench them, because we choose to renew our minds with the word of truth.

We recognize and divide words of doubt and unbelief with the Sword of the Spirit.  We live a life of righteousness, because we chose to believe in the finished work of Christ.  We could stumble but we do not fall because our foundation was prepared when we learned the basics of the Gospel of Christ.  With the tongue, we confess our salvation and with our lives we live it because we do believe.  When we know and understand the principles of the gospel, we are able to be an influence instead of being influenced by others.

It is up to us as witnesses of Christ to be a witness, to live a life that will be an example to others so they will see and know the Christ in us, the hope of Glory should and will look different from the hope that is in the world. Faith,

Hope, and Love will remain and the greatest of these is Love….

...Freddy Roark

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