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 Oklahoma Funeral

Derick  A. Roark, 21 of Broken Arrow, died Saturday, July 24, 2010.  Born in Atlanta, GA to Fred G. Roark, Jr and Candy "Baird" Roark on July 1, 1989.

Derick was a student attending Southeast Community College in Middlesboro, KY studying psychology.  He was currently employed by Sherwin Williams in Broken Arrow, OK as a sales clerk and delivery driver.  He was a 2007 graduate of Broken Arrow High School and later attended Tulsa County Community College.

Derick was a hard worker and loved by many.  He played rugby, enjoyed lifting weights, playing video games and watching movies.  He had an infectious smile, kind heart, and was always willing to help a friend or family member.

 Derick is survived by his Father Fred G. Roark, Jr.; Step-Mother Diane Roark; Brother Brandon Roark; Sister Kindal Roark; Step-Sister Deanna of the home; Mother Candy Hurst and Step-father Les Hurst of Middlesboro, KY; Granddad Fred G. Roark ; Mammaw Glenda and Papaw Larry Baird of Pineville, KY; Step-Grandparents Elzie and Sue Gray of Wagoner, OK; Step-Grandmothers, Mammaw Delores and Grandma Barbara, his Momma Angie of Manhattan, KA and Kristina Rae Owens of Broken Arrow, OK; many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  He is preceded in death by his Grandmother, Sudie Mae Slusher Roark and his Great-Grandparents Mammaw Muriel , Pappaw Pap and Mammaw Darlene whom he loved dearly.

The family received friends on Tuesday July 27, and the funeral was held on Wednesday, July 28.  Officiating were George Anderson, Mike McLea (Derick's former employer) and James Johnson. 

Over 300 of Derick's friends that he had made from the beginning of his life with us to his home-going, in every walk of life, filled the pews and aisles for Derick's home-going service.  The foyer was opened also and filled by people whose lives had been shared, loved and touched by his blessed and wonderful life.  Those attending commented it was the best service that they had attended.  Many friends who were not able to attend sent their apologies and heart-felt condolences.

Funeral and Burial in Kentucky

Family and friends gathered for the final service and burial in Kentucky.

Funeral services was held at 12:00 p.m. Saturday, at the Creech Funeral Home Chapel in Middlesboro, KY with the Rev. Astor Simpson presiding. Music was provided by Bea Bingham. Interment followed in the Johnny Jackson Cemetery on Laurel Hill where Derick was laid to rest by his grandmother, Sudie Mae (Slusher) Roark, Family members served as pallbearers. The family received friends from 6 to 9:00 p.m. Friday, at the Creech Funeral Home who were in charge of all arrangements.

Remembering Derick


Poem copied from DVD played for Derick's visitors at Funeral Home

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Heart Offerings of Friends and Family

This is such sad news.  My heart goes out to his parents--grandparents, too.  I can't imagine the pain of losing a child.  He certainly was a fine-looking man.  My deepest sympathy to the family. (Ina Kay Adams, Alabama)

I am so sorry for your loss, such a handsome man and so very young.  I can't imagine how hard that is to deal with.  All my love to you and the family. (Thelma Lewis, Kentucky)

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Fred's son, Derick.  Please give him and all his family our condolences.  Even though I did not know Derick, I am acquainted with him through Fred.  What  a handsome and strong looking young man.  My heart and prayers go out to all of you at this time.  Please let Fred know that I send my love. (Rev. James Lewis, Ohio.  Freddy has written several web pages for Rev. Lewis).

What a beautiful life !  What a handsome young man. My sympathy and prayers for you and the family. (Karen Brooks, Tennessee)

I am so sorry to hear about Derick.   He sure was cute!  And those baby pictures of him are just so sweet.  I hope Freddie, You, and the entire family are doing as well as can be expected.  The death of a loved one is always difficult, but it is especially hard when it is someone so young.  I send my thoughts, prayers, and my deepest sympathy to all of you.  (Kathy Hughes, Kentucky)

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Heart Remarks by Derick's Family

Derick I love and miss you everyday. Almost half my life I have spent with you. You always wanted to help me with everything and I always thought that was the greatest thing anyone could ever ask or receive. I remember the first time you helped me paint. You were 4 and I was painting some shutters, you came out in the ...back yard and looked up at me and said I want to help you, can I help you daddy. I gave you a paint brush and laid a board down on the ground and showed you how to paint that board. You painted for about 5 minutes and looked over at me and said daddy I wanted to help. I took the shutter I was painting and we painted it together. I always remember the words that you would say to me every time we did something together from that day to your last day with me. You always looked at me with those big beautiful blue eyes and that big smile and say "I love you, daddy thank you for letting me help you" Derick I was always grateful for you and your help.... I love you Derick 

I love and miss you Derick. I miss you calling me every morning on your way to work just to chat and calling me to ask me if we could have lunch together in the middle of the day. I miss hearing you call and telling me you are off work and just wanting to know if I was off work yet and to see if we could just hang out.... I miss your touch, your laugh, your smile, and even your moaning and complaining when you were unhappy and your deep voice mumbling over the phone. Your birth was my happiest day of my life, watching you grow up and learn about life was so enjoyable. When I would see you look at me and smile so bright and give me the biggest hugs over and over and the millions of I love you daddy. I love you too Derick.

I love and miss you Derick. I remember when you were just a little boy and you would sit in the truck seat next to me and would see the big M high in the air before I would ever see it and start saying "I want fry daddy, I want fry" and then I would see the McDonalds shortly after you were chanting and we stopped at most of them. I remember when I finally figured out that, from your view, you were looking up and seeing that big M elevated in the sky a half a mile before I even knew it was there.
You looked upward most of your life and blessed everyone that knew you with your presence.
I love you Derick and hold so many wonderful memories and experiences with you in my heart. Your life brought much love and laughter to our home and hearts.... I Love You Always, Dad


I know I don't have the many wonderful memories that everyone else has...we had some though. It touched my heart deeply when you said you loved me and that you didn't want to call me your step-mother - you wanted to call me MOM! I cried because I was so happy! We exchanged many letters and emails while you were away s...haring our daily experiences and our love for each other. You called me " mi madre " :-) When you started having a hard time being homesick I wanted to drop everything to run and rescue you! That's what a mom does :-) wants to protect her "baby chick" and I felt like you were mine then. Only the fond memories remain. Much love.

(Step-Mom,, Diane Roark)

 Memories you ask..? I could write a boys would always give me a hard time for pretty much everything. I cant complain though, it made me laugh too. You always knew how to cheer me up and make me laugh. I couldn't have asked for a better brother. You will always be in my heart until we meet again. I love you and miss you bubby.

 ‎"Do not stand at my grave and weep:
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow...
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
... I am not there, I did not die."

I miss you bub.

(Sister, Kindal)

You weren't only my cousin dude you were my brother and best friend. I miss you more than you can imagine.

(Cousin, Joseph)

Derick, how blessed I was to have know you since the day you were born!  Your dad caught up with me in Lexington at my mom's house on my way to David's wedding in Michigan.  It was so exciting when the phone rang and your dad announced your birth.  It was about two weeks before I could get to Atlanta to see you.  Your were such a sweetie, and I don't think you got to be in your bed or playpen except at night for sleep for the whole two weeks Mother and I were there, because one of us was always holding you.  All those birthdays and holidays that you and your family spent with me and the countless times I was at your home are etched in my heart forever.  I have loads of pictures to remind me, but they aren't necessary for memories; they are embedded in my memories as I watched you grow from that tiny baby to a handsome young man.  I am blessed to have been a part of your life and so very proud of you!

(Step-Mamaw, Delores)

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Excerpts from Derick's Facebook


was thinking about you today :) I still miss you so much and you'll always have a place in my heart and in my mind...I know you're watching over us. Keep an extra eye on your baby brother ♥ He needs you. I love you, Derick...I'll talk to you soon

I was listening to Rascal Flatts and I remember sitting in art class talking about how you loved this song :)
Enjoy, I miss you

I've been thinking about you every day since I heard...I miss you so much. I wish we had spent more time together. You were so awesome.

D-ROCK, when I think about you I keeps going back to us making fun of our nutrition teacher in high school for making up her own words and having a spelling test over them. You were a good friend that could always make me laugh, and i'm gonna miss you man. love you bro.

Derick I remember the first time you came to our house. You had the best laugh I had ever heard. I am so glad you are a part of my family.  We wont ever forget you. Love you Derick.

The best most contagious laugh : D It always made me smile.

Derick... Could never forget you. We met shortly before you moved hung out a bout two handfuls of time, but you made an impression. You were a great, funny, care-free person. I am in complete shock..

today was really hard... but i kno your in a better place and your happy wit no worried and no hurt... i love you so much derick...

you taught me how to deal and handle pain no matter what kind. A more recent time we were talking about the bible and I quoted a verse. You asked... me who said it and I said idk and you jumped all over my case about how important it is to know who said it. SInce then I havent forgotten that! I love you and will see you again~

You were always the "smile" in "Mama K"'s days at BAA...I will love and miss you always.
You have left me with many memories; I will think of you often.

Your wonderful smile will always continue to fill our home and our memories of you.  I am so happy that my last words to you were I love you.

my first child will be another Derick. boy or girl. and s/he'll love you. i hope s/he is as good looking and as positive as you. if they have a laugh like you that would definitely be a plus :)

Derick i remember the laughs we shared at school and the times we hung out. you were truly a great friend. love you buddy.

there are way too many memories so ill have to do one then come back later and do another.

I remember taking derick to school when his leg was broken and having to park in the handicapped parking. and I remember one day coming out to my car and it had black spots all over because he found some magnets and put it all over to look like a lady bug! derick you will be greatly missed.  RIP!

whenever I think about you I always remember how happy you were. We always found something to laugh about.You were such a cool Dude Derek! I"m really going to miss you!

Too SoonThis was a life that had hardly begun
No time to find your place in the sun
No time to do all you could have done
But we loved you enough for a lifetime.No time to enjoy the world and its wealth
No time to take life down from the shelf

No time to sing the song of yourself

No betrayal, no anger, no hatred, no fears

Just love, only love, in your lifetime (Mary Yarnell)

Derick, I wish we would have kept in touch more, but I can't help but to remember all the fun times we had on the go-kart, or playing basketball in my dads driveway or all of us going to the movies together. I will forever cherish those memories with you. You were an awesome guy and I know you will be greatly missed.

I've loved you from the moment I met you...You are such an amazing guy. You were one of the first people who took care of me when I first came to the Academy...No matter how sad I was, you always managed to make me smile. Your laugh was contagious and we will all miss it

I'm really gonna miss you dude. I can't believe your gone. I love you man!

Im in such shock idk where to even begin except that Derick from the first time I met you in Latin class in 9th grade to over a year and a half later seeing you in church I was so grateful for the friendship and kindness and warmth you brought to everyones life that you have touched.

I will never forget the stories we shared and the laughter we had. I've never met anyone like you derick, I will always miss and love you.

my favorite memory is when I was just a kid, and I met him for the first time and was like "WHOA! he's got Popeye arms!

Derick, I love you and miss you. You are the sweetest guy, and I am so thankful I got to know you in high school. You are wonderful!

love u derick u will be missed by me and others! i will never forget u and the memories we had together!

I will miss you and always love you, I will never forget the time we spent together

i love you and i rember when you taught me how to ride my bike

Derick, I can't find the words to express my sadness and feelings of loss. You were an amazing young man. The world will miss your spirit, your laugh and the love you had to give.

The greatest friend anyone could have ever asked for, I miss your laugh and smile, and can't wait until God let's us meet again, thank you for always being there when I needed you the most, I love you brother,

Derick i'm glad i had the chance for you to come into my life and spend so much time with you even tho it wasnt enough, i love you more than anything in this world and ill miss you just the same your one of the best friends i have ever had in my life.

Derick, i cant stop thinkin about you... i cant believe your really gone... i miss you so much... your so amazing... i love you

I miss you Derick, I was so shocked to hear this happend your one of the nicest people I've ever known I'm gonna miss your huge hugs and hilarious laugh. Had some great times with you and wish I could have seen you again sooner, I love you brother your in a better place now, god got one of the greats

Derick! You were an amazing friend, and always knew what to say to make things better, Ill always remember advice your gave me, and the fun times all of us had! I Love and miss you :(I am truly saddened by the loss of young never know when you meet someone what God has in store for them. His life will touch everyone he met - his smile was a wonderful sight. My thoughts and prayers go to his family - Derick was a wonderful young man.

I can't even put in words how much I love and care for you and your family. I love you dearly Derick and miss you terribly...

You were one of the sweetest guys I've ever met. I'm sorry that you're gone and that I haven't seen you in so long. You were a great frend to me and you will truly be missed.

I love you so much D you are one of the most amazing people in this world. and I will never forget you. I cant even believe this is really happening. I love you D and my heart is in so much pain right now, its unbelievable

I will miss you Derick sooo soo much! Im happy to say that I had the chance to meet such a wonderful person such as your self. With so much

i love You and won't ever forget your example. thank You derick

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