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In the barren desert of a soul a tiny seed fell.

A gentle sprinkling of the Holy Spirit fell upon the seed;

Lo, soon a delicate sprout shyly pushed its head

through the dampened earth.

From the River of Life a stream began to flow

through the sin parched wasteland,

trickling alongside the tender seedling,

nurturing it, coaxing it to grow.


Strengthened by latent nutrients

activated by the lHoly Word,

the young plant received

the shower of the Holy Spirit.

Its roots began to seek deeper depths,

finding additional strength

to withstand torturous winds

that were sure to come.

The deeper the roots searched,

the more moisture they found;

The spiritual depths stabilized the plant,

bringing maturity.

Maturity produced fruit on the now strong plant.

Soon the fruit ripened and began to fall—

spreading seeds.

Some seeds dropped gently around the plant;

Some were carried by the wind to far-away places,

constantly and continuously

spreading the Gospel,

bringing life to barren deserts,

perpetuating SEEDS.

We can either plant seeds or grow weeds!


Click here - "The Seed Principal"


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Copyrighted Delores Adams.  All Rights Reserved






I reflect upon the tears that I’ve shed,

Upon the heartaches and fears I’ve had.

I reflect upon the mistakes I now rue,

Upon the friends who have proved untrue.

My feelings are hurt; I feel so sorry for me.

No one understands—How can this be!


The answer comes quietly and simply then.

My heart listens and begins to comprehend.

“How can compassion be expressed by you

If your heart hasn’t been broken too?

If you’ve never had fears and tasted tears yourself

How can you feel another’s pain and offer help?”

Then I reflect upon God’s drying my tears,

Soothing my heartaches, stilling my fears,

Correcting my mistakes, straightening my bends.

He is my dearest Friend—the Friend of friends!

I reflect upon loving arms encompassing me,

Understanding, caring, setting me free.

I must reflect upon the responsibility in my hands

To show others that God cares and understands;

That “tribulation worketh patience.”  ‘Tis so,

“In our patience we possess our souls.”

Souls that are lost, though the world be gained,

Will reflect through Eternity:  “If only I could exchange!”


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Copyrighted Delores Adams.  All Rights Reserved






What’s that I see – A light on my path

 Shining so brightly just for me?

What’s that I feel – A hand on my shoulder

 Bringing me hope and stability?

Thanks, Lord; You came just in time

With your hand and your light.

The way was so dark and I trembled so

I had no strength left to fight.


Now with your light on my path,

My steps are steady and sure.

My trembling hand rests in yours, Lord,

I feel Your Love so pure.


So when the clouds of doubt again hover o’er

And darken the way I go,

Please remind me to watch for your light from above

And to walk in its heavenly glow.


And to await your gentle touch on my shoulder again

Filling me with strength anew.

Then I’ll walk with a rhythm in unfaltering step

And, full of faith, follow You.


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Copyright Delores Adams September 2006


The summer is past and autumn is here.
We enjoy the Artist's pallet of colors in the trees.
We are reminded of His creative powers
Shown forth in the beautiful falling leaves.
A show of grandeur as they waltz to the ground,
Leaving the forests bare and resting for a time.
We await another season that will bring them to life.
It will come as God's clock of Spring begins to chime.
This is pay-off time for those who plowed and sowed,
And cultivated, weeded, watered and waited for the grain.
It is time to gather and garner into storage the increase.
Their labors have been rewarded and were not in vain.
But what about the ripened harvest that the Lord looks upon?
What about the souls that are just waiting for someone to care?
They are heavy with ripened fruit that the Master can use
He is looking for pray-ers who will their burdens bear.
He looks at the altars where daily prayers are made,
And He hears petitions they send to His throne.
But mostly he hears their personal problems and burdens
And the travail of their own hearts and He hears them moan.
He really wants to hear and answer those pleading prayers,
But, oh, how He wants to hear that they also care about the lost
Who are dying in the harvest, dropping ungathered fruit.
He is looking for those who will reap, not considering the cost.
Will we remember His Word - to pray for laborers for His harvest?
And then will we hear as He sends us to help bring in the precious fruit,
Or will it die on the vine because the laborers were too few?
Do you hear Him call you to labor?  If so, discard every excuse.
Just go!   The rewards will be Heavenly!
Are you listening?  God is waiting for laborers and pray-ers.
Copyright Delores Adams 

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Ready for some fun and a challenge?

Solve the Riddles


"J.L.J." -- A Riddle

When we look in the mirror

Just what do we see?

Do we shriek and say,

"Is that really me?"

Well, of course it is

But that part is just dust.

When we are born again we're J.L.J.

If we think we can't qualify for J.L.J.

We'd be absolutely right!

Because it's not by our power,

It's by His might.


Revelation 1:13

Ephesians 4:13

Romans 6:4

Hebrews 4:15

1 John 3:2

Have you solved the riddle?  Click here for the answer. 




"Can You Tell?" -- A Riddle

Soft and pink and warm,

Loud and dark with scorn,

Sweet and kind and true,

Bitter and harsh and blue.


In a cage but free to roam

Can go with the crowd or be alone.

A controversy—Bitter and sweet.

Keep it caged behind the teeth.


Psalm 10:7

Job 6:24

Proverbs 25:14

2 Samuel 23:2

James 3:5 

Have you solved the riddle?  Click here for the answer. 




"What is this?" -- A Riddle

The idea was first in God’s mind.

He thought it up; it was oh so fine!

We just sort of picked up on it,

It was a good idea; with everyone a hit.

It’s now a tradition in most households;

Now figure it out, if you’re so bold.


You want to know what it could be,

But you just have to wait and see.

Is it a diamond ring, or is it fake?

Whatever it is, be ready to celebrate?

Your patience is not great, that's clear.

You’re biting your fingernails, oh dear!

But you’re waiting, getting ready to cheer.

You know it’ll be good, when it finally gets here,


Proverbs 17:8

Ecclesiastes 3:13

John 4:10

2 Corinthians 9:15

Have you solved the riddle?  Click here for the answer. 









Riddle Answer


Don’t look to Hollywood or famous faces;

Live just like Him in all places.

The answer--

"J ust  L ike  J esus!"

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Riddle Answer

 "Can You Tell?"

Innocent tongue of Hailee Coleman

Granddaughter of Rev. Monroe & Faye Coleman

The answer --


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Riddle Answer

"What is this?"

The answer --

"A Gift"

The greatest Gift you will ever receive --

Jesus Christ

John 3:16


I hope you got a grin out of solving the riddles.  These have been used to challenge the youth at church and get them to read Scripture verses.  Correct answers made them eligible for a drawing for a prize.  Accepting Jesus as your Savior will present you with the greatest gift known to man--Eternal Salvation! -- And everyone who does so is a winner!





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