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We are not the sources of light; nevertheless, through us light can be reflected to others.  

The path of life that we are to walk down brings light that will illuminate the path of life to eternity that otherwise would be dark.  The dark path in life is a path that has no spiritual direction.  The only thing people have to rely on is their senses; and our senses, as great and wonderful as they, are will not bring light that gives us a right direction.

Our first source of direction is to find a Shepherd that is caring, a leader that knows how to lead, a teacher that knows how to teach, and a group of people that are all willing to learn how to love and follow the word of the Lord.

The moon is a reflector of the sun as we are a reflector of the Son.  We are like a mirror and our reflection seems bright, but in the Day of Judgment our bright mirror is only dim in comparison to the true light that will shine.  When His light shines, all the things that are hidden will be brought into the light.  

As we, the reflection of the Son, bring His light into others’ lives and reveal some of the secrets that are hidden, can you imagine when the True Light comes into the world, “What will He find in you?” 

Be blessed and remember--we are not perfect vessels but we are trying.


......Freddy Roark



Gospel Light Aids Communication

Do you consider communication as a one-way street, or do you see communication as a two-way avenue.  

We all gain by experience and we learn to take action based on our knowledge.  We all learn by listening and doing.  Each time we pray we get more comfortable with our position, and we learn to open our hearts and pray fervently to Our Heavenly Father.  You can study the experiences of others but nothing can take the place of or allow it to become part of you better than a personal relationship and continued communication.

Remember today, as you pray, to lift your heart to God and give thanks for all the wonderful people, places, things and adventures that are in your life.  Remember to spend time with Him and after you have shared your thankfulness for what he has done, after you have delivered your requests, and have worshipped the Father for being who He is, and have given thanks for all things--stop and spend some quiet time listening to Him.  He will send a “thank you” to you and will help you remember to be considerate of those you contact daily; and He will deliver specific guidance to you, so you will have direction to walk your path in life, so you will be the answer to someone’s prayer, or be help in someone’s present time of need.

When our ears are open and our eyes enlightened to the glorious gospel of truth, we will know and fully understand that we possess the answer because we do believe and receive the fullness of Truth, and the Truth sets us free.

Have a blessed day and remember that you have the answer on the inside, learn to let it out.












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