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In this section you will find pages of Bible study.  They will go a little more in depth than our other pages, so enter prepared to expand your spiritual mind.  We welcome comments and suggestions.

These studies will be updated periodically, so come back when you can and share "The Good News" of God's Word.



 Introduction to "Bible Studies"

When Mother was a passenger in your car and giving you directions, you had to watch her hand and go the way she was pointing, not where she was saying.  She would laughingly tell on herself how she would sometimes point to the left and say, “Turn right, right here.”  She had an uncanny sense of direction and could get you to your destination, not from her verbal instructions, but by the way she pointed.

When Mother lived in Lexington, Kentucky, she knew how to get every where she wanted to go.  Not only did she know how to get there, she learned all the shortcuts and best routes to avoid the heaviest traffic and lights.  She was adventurous and didn’t mind trying out a new route.  I never did learn my way around very well, because when I visited her she would take me places a different way each time.  She was in her seventies and eighties while learning the streets and byways of Lexington.  She was always learning and was able to help her “younger” friends out by driving them to church, shopping and visiting.

Living for Jesus is an adventure!  There are so many untraveled roads in the Kingdom that we could enjoy if we would just follow the Lord.  Unlike Mother, when He points to a place He wants to take us, His Word will corroborate His directions.  If He says, “Turn right, right here,” it will be the best way to go.  “Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “ ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ ” Whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left.” (Isaiah 30:21).

      We are expected as children of God to have our lives going in the same direction that we are “pointing.”  It doesn’t add any credibility to our lives if we “point one way” and live another.  Our lives have to support what our lips are saying if we are to be influential for Jesus Christ.  The first priority is to know the way.  We learn that by knowing Who the Way is.  Jesus said He was the “Way, the Truth and the Life.”  We learn about Him from His Word.  The more we travel into His Word, the better we will know the Way.  Not only will be become better acquainted with the best way to go, but He will make us aware of the bridges Satan has washed-out and the dangers of erosion where he has attempted to corrode the Word hoping to distract us on the way.  If we will just follow the signs, we will arrive safely.  Satan cannot change God’s route nor His map. 


    Turn right, right here to the cross where our Savior died to save the world that “God so loved.”

      Turn right, right here to the tomb, now empty.  The stone was removed at the entrance, not so the risen Savior could exit, but so those outside could enter and see “He’s not here; He is risen as He said!”

      Turn right, right here and watch the heavens where the risen glorified Savior will one day appear to catch away all those who made a right turn to Him and are looking for His “Appearing.”

Paul told Timothy to “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed [hindered on the way], rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).  One worker is able to accomplish a lot, but many working on the same job can get the job done well and go on to another.  That is the great advantage of group Bible studies.  We pool our insight and revelations and everyone benefits.  We exhort and nurture each other as we study together.

May God enrich your life as you use these studies individually or as a group to know the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Turn right, right here and hear the Voice that whispers “This is the way, walk in it.”  He is the only way; God has no alternate routes.

                       ~Blessings, Delores~


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