If you’ve ever traveled with children, you’ll remember the often-asked question, “Are we there yet?”  You hand the kids another toy, coloring book or electronic distraction hoping they will be absorbed in a pastime that will last until you really “get there.”


We are not so much unlike our children who want to “get there” NOW.  We try to do the right thing and hope it will bring results that develop maturity in the kids—and ourselves.  Thankfully, sometimes it works; but sometimes it doesn’t.  Our castles fall like they are made of sand.  Unexpected reverses and catastrophes shatter our confidence, and we wonder when we’ll “get there” or if we’ll even make it.


We are all a work-in-progress and will be until we leave this earth.  Just when we think we have arrived, we get a great awakening.  “But I thought I was there!”  Yeah, it really seemed like it, and we kind of relaxed and put the gear in coast only to discover we were facing another mountain to cross. 


It’s important that we not lose momentum.  Satan never takes a vacation, and he loves to set up road hazards and detours; but he doesn’t post warning signs!  The responsibility is ours to be vigilant. 


It’s at times like these that we can really appreciate the ONE who has not only “arrived” but has always been “there.”  When our strength wanes and falters, when we look at our map and it seems we are still a long distance from “there,” it is then that we can gear up to the strong arms of Him who is not “becoming” more or less anything.  God can’t be measured by degrees; He isn’t 85% good, faithful, wise or just.  He is complete and completely adequate in every attribute and character.  He is infinite perfection of fullness—and always has been.


God is “Unqualified fullness, completeness, plentitude of power, wisdom, knowledge, holiness without qualification.  There is no limit to His love, mercy, grace, goodness, etc.”  (I have forgotten where I saw this amazing statement.)


Before we leave for a journey, we get our maps and chart our course.  We investigate lodging, food establishments and points of interest and determine which route is best suited for our needs.  Several years ago, I was privileged to visit Mexico.  Some friends and I enrolled in a “conversational” course of Spanish to learn some basic words, sentences and questions.  It sure came in handy in the foreign country.


The “country” we are traveling toward will not be a visit; it will be our home.  Should we not investigate it thoroughly and learn all we can about life there?  Should we not get the “map”—the Bible—out and learn its language, customs and citizenship requirements?  Should we not make sure our passport is valid and up to date?  When we have secured our passage, the next step is to gather our friends and family around and invite them to accompany us. 


No, we are not “there” yet; but we are well on the way.  We can rest assured that our Companion on the trip knows the way—He IS the Way!  He has big shoulders to carry loads that are breaking our back on the journey.

“Casting all your care upon him [Jesus}; for he careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

He only requires us to carry what we are able.  He puts folks in our path who see our load is too heavy and enables them to share its weight.  Our Companion gives us strength to carry our load, our personal cross; and He provides help and strength when we need assistance or when we can give our strength to another’s heavy burden.

“For every man shall bear his own burden” (Galatians 6:5)  Definition of this burden is “a normal load that a donkey can carry.”

“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).  Definition of this burden is “a load that would break a donkey’s back.”


We may not be “there yet,” but we see the road signs; the destination is just ahead.  We will lean on the strong arm of our Companion, lock step with those who are walking the Way with us and continue on with joy and anticipation until the journey ends.


See you on the Way!







@ There's Good News July 2012

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