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Happy Mother's Day!



Taking Charge


 of Your Life and Your  Family's

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Taking Charge of Your Life

And the Lives of Your Family

Give unto the Lord....Psalms 29:1.

You can begin to take charge of your life by taking the first step in turning your life around and making your life a supreme success.  Just when you think all is lost or in ruin God will turn you in your path and show you the end result of your work if you will continue to walk the path He has directed you to walk.  It is important that you keep every thought in order; it is important that you care enough to set your face like flint; set yourself in a direction to accomplish this thing and do not be moved until you have reached your goal.

Remember that as you reflect on things that have happened to you in your life, as you ponder on the past, seek and find your direction for the future.  Life does not just happen, success does not just fall out of the sky, and people do not just find themselves back on the right path of life.  When we choose wrongly or always choose the path of least resistance then the devil will come and devour our apathetic self in our very tracks.

Our part is to shake ourselves from lethargy, overcome the forces that are so powerful against us by standing up for the true call; the future lives of the whole are at stake not just the one.  Nothing has to be lost, take a stand, bite into life and never let go, and know that you are the one to bring the answer to your situation.  You are the one that will bring a firm and true change to the circumstances around you.

No one can make the difference like you.  We do not even come close to realizing what we do for others on a daily basis.  I know we do not always see the same people every day, but on the other hand we do affect and help the same people continually day after day whether we realize it or not.  I hope and pray that I am able to be a positive force in others' lives, and with that said I also realize that I control my atmosphere; and I sometimes make mistakes and send out negative attitudes and cause negative forces to play in others' lives too.  I am conscious of this activity so I do try my best to keep it in control.  Always be quick to repent and slow to speak.

You can take a stand and relentlessly demand respect, relentlessly demand right behavior, relentlessly demand strict obedience and do not let up; you can never be the same as you were--you have to make a change in you and you will see a positive result.  Bite into it with an unceasing, unstoppable, unmovable, new attitude in life.

Make your life good and make the lives of your family good by being a firmament ready to reach your destination with true life existing in you.  It would be easy to say with life in you but you have life in you now, but true life is a life that is firmly fixed in the knowledge of light and life abundant.  You can obtain the abundant life in you and you can take charge and make your family reach it with you.  The Love of God will bring you a strength that no one can withstand; you will be unmovable and fixed and have full assurance that whatever you put your hand, mind, and strength to He will help you cause it to come to a reality.

Psalm 29:11 says, "The Lord will give strength unto His people; the Lord will bless His people with Peace."

You cannot change others but you can change you and changing you will affect everyone in your life.  Have a wonderful day and remember that you have an important role in the life and the lives of many that are walking and passing through your life today,  Some of those people you do not even realize are in need of your help.

I pray that we will all begin to learn to be sensitive to others and the effects our lives and our attitudes have on all those we contact.  May Joy and Peace surround us every day of our lives.  May that same Peace and Joy bring happiness and wholeness to all that we come in contact with each day of our lives.  May God turn what the devil meant for harm to good and bring blessings to the lives of those in need.

Have a blessed and joyful day in the Lord.

Since Mother's Day is nearly here, this is a great time to take the opportunity in this season of life to begin to solidify the family and take charge of bringing all our lives back in line with God's Will.  Mothers have a wonderful opportunity--and responsibility--to apply godly influence in their families' lives. There is a necessity of a solid foundation, building lives on godly principles, and routine practices of our faith in Christ through study and relationship; this is the reason God has placed them, in the remarkably influential position that they so eloquently reside and supernaturally abide, in His Love.

Happy Mother's Day!


......Freddy Roark



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