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Repentance Opens the Door

Of Enlightenment and Aids Inspiration




Since we are in the Lent Season, it is a perfect time to consider repentance and restoration which leads to spiritual enlightenment.  I would like to leave these thoughts with you to contemplate between now and Easter, a time we celebrate the completed work of Christ at Calvary and then the empty cross, the One who was resurrected and is now alive-- forever -- who is our Light and Inspiration.



Have you ever wondered how anyone could know and understand the wonderful things of which they speak or the inspiration with which they so eloquently write, whether it is in song or a message that is delivered to you and you know it is for you for right now.  How did that happen?

The more you desire to be like Him, the closer you will seek to be in Him. We all make mistakes; we all have error in our lives, and sometimes it is daily that we err.

The most perfect thing we can do is to recognize that we need our Savior and go to Him for our help in our time of need.  When we seek to have a relationship with Him, we will live a life close to Him and our thoughts will be like His thoughts.  

Remember that there is nothing you can do to make Jesus love you any more than He already does!

Have a Blessed Day and a Joyous Easter!

......Freddy Roark












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