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There are many times when we are discouraged in life and need to be picked up and shake off the discouraging voices that linger in our ears, minds, and dwell in our hearts.   At times we all hear people put us down and tell us how we have messed things up.  People say a lot of things cheering us on in the wrong direction.  We even hear them tell us how we missed what God had for us and how we would be blessed if we would have only done things a different way.  Not only do we hear those voices from other people we hear and listen to a voice inside our heads telling us how we messed up and how we need to be better here and be better there.  If we are not careful we will allow these negative words and thoughts to get buried in our hearts, and we start losing hope thinking that the mistakes of yesterday have carried into today and will be there tomorrow.

The hardest thing you do to yourself and your self-image everyday is allow yourself to be burdened with worries of yesterday and tomorrow.  Begin today by confessing that God does love you.  Jesus Christ died on the cross to take away your sins, your mistakes, your worries and burdens, and give you a Robe of Righteousness. You can live a free life.  Jesus came to set the captives free to allow you and me to begin anew and fresh.

In the Old Testament the people of God had to go to the Temple and have someone else make intersession.  Exodus 28:41, Hebrews 7:11:  Aaron was anointed with the Levitical priesthood, he and his sons.  They were set apart to make sure all the laws under the Old Covenant were followed.  The Levites, one of the twelve tribes of Israel, were anointed and consecrated, called out from among the rest of the tribes of Israel, to assure that the Temple was taken care of, to serve God, and the people.  Today we no longer live under the old laws; we have a better covenant with better promises.  And this new way of life allows us to call on the Name and the redemptive atonement through Jesus to approach the throne of grace on our own.  We look into the perfect law of liberty allowing us to gather outward expressions from the Old Testament and apply them inwardly in our spiritual lives.  In our times of need we still call on others to pray with us and for us; we pray prayers of consecration; we use the prayer of agreement to strengthen our stand to believe God.   But we no longer need any other thing or person besides the atonement of Christ to go before God in our stead.

Every time you make a mistake you can decide to make a correction.  You might wonder if it is that simple.  You might say that it sounds good but---the reality of a born-again life is that we do have a chance to start fresh, and we can start fresh until we get it right.  One way to learn how to walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31) is to go to the Father in prayer, go in prayer daily, go in prayer all during your day.  We have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous.  He not only took our faults, Ephesians 2:14 tells us that He broke down the middle wall of partition that had separated us from our Heavenly Father.  No unrighteousness can come before God, but we have become righteous through Jesus; and we now have the opportunity to come before the throne of grace on our own without the need to have someone do it for us.

Exodus 29:5 tells us the anointed priests were consecrated, set apart and clothed with special garments to do the work in the temple of God; and, now in the New Covenant, 1 Corinthians 6:19 tells us that we are the temple of God.   We see in Ephesians 5 how we are to prepare ourselves to do Ephesians 6:14--that we put on these same garments in the spiritual realm by consecrating ourselves.  Jesus made a trade with us and gave to us, all that will believe, a Robe of Righteousness for our unrighteousness.  He gave us a brand new way of life.

The greatest thing you can do for yourself is remember to trust yourself, pray for guidance and follow your spirit.  Your spirit will be led in the direction that God has planned for you to walk, and remember that provisions are there for you all the way.

Faith is a Key that will lead you to a successful life.

God’s mighty working powers triumphs and reigns supreme over death, hell, and the grave.  Jesus bore all of our sickness and diseases, He was crucified for our sins that we can be cleansed; and thank God, our Eternal Father, that He accepted the sacrifice of His own son and raised Him up again from the grave to be alive forevermore.  In Romans 10:9, 10 we read that in order for a person to be saved, experience this new life:  “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.  For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

And in the book of James we read that if we believe we do well but don’t be a forgetful hearer. We must be a doer of the word.  If you truly believe in your heart you will produce fruit in your life that will be a witness to others that you are truly changed.

Father, in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, I pray that the words that are read today will bring light from your Word allowing all those who read them and hear them to be receptive; and I pray the Holy Spirit will bring a revelation of the wonders of your mighty working power.  Thank you, Father, for giving all of us this wonderful opportunity to come and kneel before your throne and witness the Love that has been shed abroad in our hearts and that it will be witnessed in our lives.  I thank you that these words come with understanding to all those that will receive.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen.









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