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Meditating upon the subject of faith and learning to depend on the understanding that I have gained personally, or you depending upon the understanding of the knowledge you have gained, allows us to walk in faith believing and understanding the will of the Father allowing His light to shine brighter bringing more knowledge, greater understanding and helping us to gain in confidence knowing that the promises of God are "Yes" to all that believe and live according the gospel.  If we are going to continually receive light and increase in our faith we need to begin to act upon and live in the light that we have been given.  If we continue to live in and give to others according the knowledge we have, we are promised from Godís Word that our light, our knowledge will grow brighter and brighter until the coming of our Lord and Savior.

The plan that God has for your life includes renewing your mind and changing your lifeís habits.  He wants you to make choices that will bring continual life.  When you have become established, when you have the proper foundation of Godís word in your life, you can begin to follow the plan that Jesus taught and commanded of us.  Part of the plan for our lives is for us to make disciples.  Jesus says, in Matthew 7:21, ďNot everyone that says 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven but He that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven.Ē

We are to continually grow and be continually teaching others or making disciples.  You can do it; all you have to do is step out on the Words that Christ gave to us; (Matthew 28:18-20) (Mark 16:15-20) ďGo into all the world, teaching them to observe whatsoever I have commanded you.Ē  We should have a continuous River of Life flowing into us and through us.  We are to be an open flow into the lives of others.  We learn and grow, and as we do we are to learn to give that same life, hope and healing to others.  As we receive, we are to grow in the wisdom and light of Godís Word so we will be in a position to freely give that same life to others.

Can you think of a time you received knowledge and were excited to share that knowledge with family or friends?  I would like to challenge you to listen, take notes and share that knowledge with others.  The last time you were in service and you heard life changing information and you thought, ďI will remember that, that is awesome,Ē did you remember? In my life I have learned that we donít retain it all but we can take notes to bring a refresher to us to help us remember. If we will do this we will be putting the words in our ears by listening, meditating what was said and putting it before our eyes as we write it down.

There is a warning I should share with you.  (Luke 8:4-18) Not everyone that you share your good news with will receive it with open arms.  Some will reject it!   Some will get excited and not do anything with it!  Some will hear it and soon forget!  The exciting part is that some will hear and it will change their lives; it will change the course of life and for them it will be a road sign leading them to their destiny, their call in life.  You are a deciding factor in the lives of others.  You are valuable to God!  Can you prepare yourself to make that difference?  Can you dedicate yourself to make that difference for at least one person you will meet?

Jesus came preaching the good news to all that would hear him.  He performed miracles and everywhere He preached and taught there were signs that the delivering word of God was taught and received.  One place He went, the Bible says, was in His home town; and there ,the Bible says, He could do no mighty or miraculous work except that He laid His hands on a few sick people and they were healed.  The people there in His home town could not accept the teachings and miracles that were intended for them.

In Luke 9:1 Jesus sent the twelve disciples to go into all the surrounding communities and teach the people, lay hands on the sick and drive out evil spirits.  The word was spread abroad.  In Luke 10:1 He sent out the seventy and do you know what they did?  They did what Jesus told them to do and came back and told Him that the devils were subject to them!  Jesus then said in Luke 10:20, ďDonít be rejoicing because the devil is subject to you but rejoice because your name is written in Heaven.Ē  Why didnít Jesus let them celebrate?  The point and reason they were able to do all they did is because the reason they had dominion is that they had submitted themselves to God and to Godís way.  The Bible says in Luke 10:21 that Jesus did rejoice in spirit that same hour because the training and teaching that He had given to the disciples and to the seventy were effective and they were growing.  He saw the effects of the prayer He taught them in Luke 10:2 answered and witnessed to them.  The word was confirmed with signs following.

Today as you set your plans remember to find an opportunity to follow the teachings of Jesus and share the Gospel with others.  Remember that Jesus taught us that some of us are to be planters of the Word, others will come along and water the seeds that we share; and when it is time for the harvesting God will bring the increase.

"Father, in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, I pray that the Holy Spirit will cause your Word to come alive in the hearts and lives of the people.  I pray that they will be able to take your Word and as it becomes a part of their lives they will be able to share the life they have and bring life to others.  I pray that the hearts and lives of all those who read these words will be uplifted and challenged to receive your Word and like Rivers of Living Water flowing through them, their light will grow brighter and brighter until the coming of our Lord and Savior that the Glorious Gospel will be witnessed and expressed through our lives.  Thank you, Father, that your Word is alive in us today and understanding comes easy for us; and we are equipped to share our God-given eternal life with all those that cross our path in the name of thy Holy Son, Jesus.  We give You thanks.

......Freddy Roark








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