Resurrection Celebration



"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life" (John 8:12).


This time of year while we are thinking about Easter we are reminded of the meaning of the resurrection.  At different times through life I have pondered different questions and have asked myself questions to bring a different light on different subjects.


The resurrection has personal meaning to me.  I have to know that the Lord would come to earth and die for only me, be raised again from the dead for me, clothe me with His righteousness, adopt me into the family of God, fill my life with the Love of God, fill me with His Spirit so I will be able to have the character of God developing inside of me.  He did that for me because before I knew Him He loved me, and before I could Love Him He first loved me.

I have written a couple of months on the Love of God and learning to live in and walk in Love.  I realize that before God could fill our lives with his Love, He had to send His Son, and Jesus is the manifested Love of God in the earth.

Jesus was born into this world; He lived and walked among the people; He played, laughed, ate, sang and lived; and as He lived He definitely saw the intent of mankind's heart.  He knew and understood scripture.  He knew He was the One that could and would bring mankind to God the Father.  Jesus was and is the Love of God manifest in the flesh.  Every attribute that is mentioned about Jesus and Love are the same.  Jesus is Love and Jesus with loving attributes took care of his Father's business which is spreading God's love to the people.

We must each learn and strive to do our part in sharing God's Love with the people in our lives.  We have read that Jesus fed the multitude; today we as servants of God are to feed the multitude, and in different ways we do give and share food for the body and food for the spirit.

Take time to be a witness in word and especially in deed.  When people see you they should witness the nature of God in you, so take time to know who you are, know where you stand, know His nature so that you can have the God-kind of kindness living in you.  Take time to evaluate your life today, practice what Jesus did and learn that Jesus walks and ministers to people daily through your life.

As Jesus walked the earth He set the example for us as believers to follow.  He not only showed us how to live and walk in the earth, He not only ministered to the sick, He healed the sick and broken hearted.  He gave us the power to do like He did.  The scriptures tell us that He sent His word and it healed.  We know that God blesses man with the knowledge to bring healing through doctors and the broken hearted through the loving hands and touch of others.  Before He went away He said He would send the Comforter to us.  His Spirit would fill the hearts of all that believe.  Today we live our lives knowing that because we are born again in the family of God we have the same Spirit dwelling in us.  We cannot be perfect within ourselves, but with the Spirit of God  dwelling in us we are learning and growing to be like Him.

Father, in the name of your dear Son, our Lord and Savior, I pray that everyone who reads and hears these words will be strengthened and encouraged to live and walk every day of their lives as a witness.  I pray that we will have revelation that as one witness each of us can and will touch the lives of the people we meet in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen

Enjoy the Resurrection Celebration that takes place inside of you and share that same life with those around you.  As you follow His will, I pray that God's blessings will fill your heart and home.


"Ye are the light of the world..." (Matthew 5:14)






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