To Have Unshakable Faith -- Prayer Is A Must!


One of the greatest opportunities in our lives is for us to be able to know without a doubt that God is in control.  The knowledge we need to remain victorious in the midst of any circumstance and to have a trusting relationship with God comes through developing and maintaining our relationship with Him through prayer.  If we will develop our relationship with Him, we will have a kind of faith that is unshakable.  If we know our Father in Heaven and know that He is in control, we will know that He has us in His hand; and no one or nothing will be able to pluck us out or His hand.  We will also know that God is our provider; He is our Healer, our Deliverer and our Redeemer.  If we are going to continue to believe God is in control, we must keep all areas of communication open.  We must realize and know that our prayer life is a must and take time to pray and time to listen.

When tests of life come, we must be maintaining our relationship with God.  We are to obey the command of God always, and when a trying time comes in our lives we will not loose hope while we are in the middle of a storm.  These tests come and we can get discouraged; we can become weak and give in, but know that with God all things are possible; that we don't have to get discouraged.  We can be encouraged and bring encouragement and strength to others and be a positive witness for others.

Developing a right relationship with God, allows us to know His Word, and His Word tells us that we are not alone.  The scriptures tell us that we have been given the Holy Spirit to assist us so that we can endure any hardship.  It is an awesome feeling to know the Holy Spirit of God dwells with us and abides in our hearts, to lead us, guide us and protect us.  With each right decision and with every trial we face the assurance that the Holy Spirit lives inside us, gives the strength that will enable us to continue to walk in faith--the kind of faith that will build strong confidence in the Lord, and it will build our knowledge and strengthen our faith and we will walk through victoriously.

Each day of our lives we must learn the Word of God.  His Word will train our hearts, develop our minds and increase our faith.  We can be strengthened through trials and various ways that can help us endure hardship.  Hardships are not easy, but it does help us develop and maintain patience that we need so we can stand when the fire is hotter; stand when the water is deeper; stand with our heads held high and our hands raised to heaven.  We will demonstrate our confident trust and knowledge that we have increased our measure of faith, the God-kind of Faith that causes us to forever be an over-comer.  When we spend time in prayer we are not only talking but listening, and through our renewed relationship with Christ we overcome the deceptions of the devil; and we live by faith in and through the redeeming blood of our Lord, Jesus.

We must obtain more than head knowledge of God's Word; we must gain heart knowledge, putting to practice the words and principles of Christ by developing a continual relationship with Him through the Word of God and prayer.  A steady growth in the Word of God gives us a greater knowledge of our redemption and helps us to apply God's Word to our lives.  When we learn and apply God's Word to our lives, we grow steadily from faith to faith.  We stand in faith when we apply the knowledge of our redemption in and through the blood of Jesus.

It is important that we grow in our faith!  We face dangers when we do not grow in our faith.  Remember that through gaining knowledge and applying that knowledge our loyalty will grow.  If we study to show ourselves approved in the faith, we will be able in our time of need to hearken to, be obedient to and have enduring confidence in and through His Word.  We will make it to the other side of the trial.

The Bible tells us that trials and temptations will come, and they will come to steal the Word of God out of our hearts.  As we learn the scriptures and find truth that will set us free, the Bible says Satan comes to cause us to doubt the truth and divinity of God's Word.  Whether we remain, whether we stand or fall, we must know that the scriptures are true and will set us free and put us on a path that will bring an everlasting Joy to our soul.

A story from the Old Testament comes to mind concerning three Hebrews and the testing of their faith.  They were told that if they prayed they would be cast into a fiery furnace.  They were told to deny their God and they could live, but if they did not deny they would burn.  The threat didn't matter to these men.  They knew that they had a choice, and they knew the consequences for their choice to worship God.  These three men chose to worship the only true God in spite of the penalty they would have to face.  It is by using that kind of faith that builds the confidence we need to do the will of God.

Consider the life of Daniel, a man that was honored by the king because of his wisdom.  Daniel was one of many counselors to the king, and the other counselors were jealous of Daniel.  They could not find anything against him so they convinced the king to make a law, and that law would affect Daniel's life.  The new law was that everyone in the kingdom would have to worship only the king and no one could worship anyone or anything for one month.  Daniel withstood the new law; he continued to pray to God.  He was cast into the lions' den because he disobeyed the king, but God's laws are higher than man's laws; and God is the only one we will worship and the only one we pray to.  We know we will always be watched over when we are obeying our Creator.  God watched over Daniel; He watched over the three Hebrew children, and He is watching over you.  The scripture says He watches over His Word to complete it.

Today take the opportunity to know that God is watching over you and watching over His promises.  We can sometimes wonder about many things, but the one thing we can be sure of is that faith in God is a must, and in order to have faith in God's Word we must know and act upon His teachings (be learners and doers of) His Word.

It is by knowing and exercising unshakable faith in Jesus Christ that we can resist temptation and gain forgiveness through redemption.  It truly is faith in the Blood of Jesus that allows us to walk day by day in the Love of God knowing that He has His protective hands around us leading and guiding gently through our tender lives.

"And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise" (Hebrews 6:15).

"Father, I come before you and ask your blessing on the lives of each person reading or hearing these words.  I pray, Father, that as these words have filled their ears they will come to an understanding and knowledge that is You who brought us here.  I pray that we be encouraged to apply Your Word in our lives.  I pray each person will have a hunger, a desire to be filled with Your Spirit and a working knowledge of Your Word.  Thank you, Father, for Your love and Your gift of a new life.  In Jesus' name we pray.  Amen."




Prayer changes people, people change things


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