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  It really doesn’t matter how dark may be the night,

You’ll find your way—if you walk toward the light.

Just a glimmer or a soft gentle glow

Will dispel the darkness on the path where you go,

But you’ll lose your way if you walk in the dark.

Fill your lamp now before you embark.

The light you carry is not just for you—

Its light on the path guides many others too.

The light may seem dim while you’re still far away,

 But as you come near, it will be as bright as day.

If you follow its radiance, you’ll find the Source.

It is sent your way to direct your course.

Jesus is the Light—just aim toward His face.

It will never be extinguished; it will always be in place.

Your lamp was lit from the Master’s eternal flame.

Don’t hide it or neglect it; it’s supported by His Name.

The supply has no limits; there’s always more still.

It shows up brightly at the top of the hill.

The valley winds blew, and you thought it would go out.

The storms wet the wick, and you nearly turned about.

But you followed the Light and carried your weak flame.

Now your light on the mountaintop shines brightly for His name.



My hallway is dark, but I have a low-wattage night light that gives off a soft blue glow.  If the overhead light is on, the night light isn’t even noticeable; but when I turn out the ceiling light, that little blue light shines like a guiding star, and I can find my way down the hall even in the dark.


You may feel “out-lit” by others whose brilliance seems to dim your modest light, but don’t let that discourage you.  You will have enough light for your path, and it can show others the way also. 


In my bedroom is a clock-radio with a luminous dial of red numerals.  The little blue night light gets me down the hallway and the red numerals are like a compass to point the way to the bedroom.  I aim for them instead of trying to walk through a wall!


When you let “This Little Light of Mine” shine, you may be the means of someone locating the “red-numeral dial” to aim toward.  Because of your little light, they will find their way.


Seamen have told many stories of how a lighthouse saved their ships and their lives in storms and fog.  The diligence of the lighthouse keeper kept the light visible to guide them to safety.  When the lights were fueled by oil, the faces of the lamp had to be cleaned of smoke, wicks trimmed and their wells filled with oil so they didn’t go out but shone brightly.  A negligent keeper who failed to care for the light put ships and crews in peril of destruction.

It is so important that we keep our lamps trimmed and burning, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem.  They may be absolutely brilliant to someone sailing in darkness.

In total darkness, a tiny birthday candle held by someone who knows where the door is can lead a crowd to safety.  The world is living in darkness and needs our lights to lead them to the Light Source.  So may we “Let our little lights shine,” and as they burn the flame will guide others over the pitfalls and traps Satan has placed in their paths.

“I have set you to be a light…” (Acts 13.47). 


It you have a brightly burning light, don’t discourage a tiny candle.  Walk so you don’t cast a shadow to darken its way.  When you walk toward the light, the shadows will always fall behind you.  Let your glow be a supplement to the tiny candle as you “walk toward the Light” together 


The chorus of an old song comes to mind:

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Look full in His wonderful face

The things of this world will grow strangely dim

In the light of His marvelous Grace” 


Remember, the light that you have was not kindled by you.  It’s a flame off the Souce Light, Jesus.  While we have some responsibility to keep the smoke cleaned from the chimney, trim the wick and place it “on a candlestick” for the greatest effect, the fuel comes from a Source that has no end.  We will never have to seek another source for our supply.  Trying to use any other fuel will extinguish our light, and we will lose our way.


 “Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, ‘I am the light of the world.  He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life’ “ (John 8:12 NKJV).    He could not have made it any clearer—to walk with Him is to have His Light“For as the Father has life in Himself, [self-sustaining life] so He has granted the Son to have life in Himself” (John 5:26 NKJV). 


Our light comes from Him, and it is the “light of life.”  No wonder Paul said “For me to live is Christ.”  He had the Light of Life burning in him.

Conversely, if we don’t follow Him, we are living in darkness.  Our lives are filled with darkness, and we are walking in darkness.  Only when we are exposed to the Light will we be aware of just how great the darkness is outside of His Light.  His Light exposes us to the darkness in ourselves, but that exposure is our motive to reject the darkness and accept the Light He gives.

Walk toward His Light; it is Life.  Let your light shine, because it is in reality His light shining from the Light of Life living in you as you follow Him.  If your flame seems small compared to the floodlight of others, set it on a lamp stand (Luke 8:16) and shine for others anyway and just keep your eyes on the Light of Life as you walk toward Him.  To Him, your light may be brighter than what you perceive to be a floodlight in another.  Faithfulness is what He is looking for and in His eyes, it makes a lovely light.








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