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The Oilers

Are you wondering what to do with your life, or do you already have a clear-cut picture of what God has called you to do?  Some folks spend their whole life going from one project to another hoping to find satisfaction in what they do without ever finding their comfort zone.  Admittedly, it is no easy task to analyze our inward self and eventually come to a concrete conclusion of “This is exactly where God wants me and what He would like for me to do to satisfy me and glorify Him.”


One of the things our mothers do is help us find a few landmarks and road signs as we travel this uncertain world looking for the street with our name on it.  The way has so many twists and turns and some have no markers at all and we can’t always see where they lead.  Sound familiar?  Even when we find our street, it is lined with many possibilites, some of which look nearly the same; which one is mine?  Is technology the one? The public service abode?  What about education, there is a great need there?  Should I go into some field of ministry?  The choices are multitudinous.  Mothers can make us aware of the many choices, but we have to concentrate on the one closest to our heart; the one we want to spend our life pursuing and perfecting.


If you find yourself in this “valley of indecision,” don’t feel alone.  We have known folks whom we felt that even we knew what their calling was, yet they resisted it.  Later, they submitted and finally found their way to the place where friends and family knew all along they were headed.  Most likely our mothers walked through this same valley before making a final choice about the direction of their lives.


A mother doesn’t have to be a psychologist or psychiatrist, to be qualified to give us advice about life or where we should aim our energy, but their observation and experience can aid in mutual support as we struggle with God’s plan versus our personal goals.


What touches your heart?  What brings tears to your eyes?  What do you want to “fix” in this world?  Where do you like to spend your spare time and resources?  Is it admirable?  Is it geared toward giving more than receiving from the experience?  There are clues hidden here.  We can rest assured that our mothers have been where we are, have made some of the same mistakes and can help us sort through the many voices calling us.


We can’t be everything to everybody.  Not only is it exhausting, it is counterproductive to try to live only to please people.  Our goal must be to please God.  We must choose what we would gain the most pleasure from and measure it against God’s will.  There is nothing more fulfilling than to find ourselves “smack-dab” in the center of God’s will!  We might even have to circumvent our mother’s good intentions to make decisions that we must make for ourselves, but she will still be at our back with support.


Where do we begin?  Regardless of what God has called us to do, it all begins with a personal relationship with God, submission and total surrender, and a no-holds-barred love for Jesus Christ.  Then He will begin to unravel the mystery and preparation will get under way.  It probably will not be a Damascus Road saga like Paul’s (though it could); most likely it will gently begin to unfold.  Step number one is submission, first to God then to those who have leadership over us.  If we don’t learn to submit and follow, we can’t be promoted to lead.


Back to the questions.

What natural talents have been given to you?  They are not there by accident.  They may be different from anything anyone in your family has done.  Our tendencies are a clue.  We have what someone else needs; we have an answer to their questions, their problems.  That’s how God works.  He doesn’t come to earth personally to meet someone’s need; He sends us.


God gave us mothers to pave the way they traveled to make our journey more successful.  She will listen as we share our goals and desires.  She has observed us all our lives and no doubt has hidden in her heart our tendencies as she guided us toward maturity.


What touches your heart?  Mother knows.  What can turn your tears on and reach into your innermost being?  Mother has seen those tears and wiped them away.  She knows there is someone who needs your compassion.  They may be next door or across the ocean.

“And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts……” (1 Corinthians 12:28).


If we seek only fame and fortune, we may overlook 'the best' that God has in store for us.  We have to look past ourselves to find God’s plan.  Paul said that he died daily (1 Corinthians 15:31).  He meant that he regularly set aside his personal goals and comfort to find God’s will.  Remember, he once thought he knew what God wanted him to do—kill all the Christians!  Then he met the Master and really discovered his place in the kingdom of God.


After we have emptied ourselves of ourselves, then we are ready to be filled with the Spirit and equipped for our journey toward total fulfillment – and rewards!  Nothing we do for God will be overlooked.  We may look at others who have prominent and successful lives and visible ministries and feel inferior or even cheated that our place is hidden from view and seemingly unimportant; but it is great in God’s eyes.  Rewards will be given according to faithfulness, based on quality not on quantity.  There is one who will be behind us, rooting for us, bragging on us as long as she lives—Mother!

“Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven….” (Matthew 5:12).

“And behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man [person] according as his work shall be” (Revelation 22:12).


Does a squeaky hinge bother you?  Maybe you are to be the “oiler.”  Does that sound insignificant?  It’s not.  Every family, every church, every business, every neighborhood, etc., has a squeaky hinge that stirs up trouble for others.  You may have some “oil” of wisdom that can quiet the noisiest hinge around and calm the troubled waters.  You may even be able to apply the lubricant without anyone being aware of who did it, but what a blessing your drop of oil is.   Know for certain that God is fully aware of your oil and the hinges that it relieves.


Mothers are “hinge oilers.”  They want every member of their family to be happy and successful.  We will probably never know in this life how many nights they have been on their knees talking to God about us or what they have deprived themselves of to accommodate our needs.  Only she and God know now. 


Look into your heart; find what God has put there for His glory.  It may not be what your family or friends would like for you; but if God put it there, you will find supreme satisfaction in exercising your talent for God’s glory.


We need folks who work in the daylight, highly visible in their place of service; but don’t be afraid to be a “hinge oiler.”  When you hear the squeak, your heart will quicken and you will just automatically reach for the oil to ease whatever door it opens.  You know that’s your job and you are so important!


Find your place where your heart leads and that for which God has qualified you.  (He qualifies whom He calls!)  Give it your full support and attention and don’t try to be what you are not.  You’ll never be happy or succeed trying to fill someone else’s place.  Don’t try to be the light on the hill if God has placed you behind the door to keep it oiled.  Who knows, God may help you open doors that would otherwise remain shut and create an entrance into a wonderful new vista.


Keep your oil can handy; the world needs you!  Mother has passed the oil to you and another generation will benefit from her example to make the world operate more efficiently.  Her ultimate success depends on your faithfulness to keep the hinges oiled.  If God wants to promote you to something that is more visible, that’s OK; Mother will be happy either way.


We raise our oil cans in salute and honor to our Mothers and to the young mothers following in the footsteps of an “Oiler of Hinges”!

Happy Mother's Day !

To all Mothers in any sense of the word!




My mother was an "Oiler."  She always stood ready to oil any squeaky hinge she heard.  She would even say it was her fault it squeaked so no one else would have to feel guilty.  She wanted everyone to get along and love each other, hoping that they too would eventually be "Oilers."  There is no love on earth like a mother's.  Hers is the closest thing to God's love that we will find here.

Have you polished your mother's oil can lately?


Lillie Mae (Robbins) Adams


Now oiling hinges in her mansion (if any need it)

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