With so many one-parent households today, some fathers are missing from their kids’ lives.  Others are filling the role of father to kids who have lost theirs for whatever reason.  A missing father leaves a gaping hole in kids’ development and character.  There are other fathers who are filling the role of a missing mother.  The roles that dads are playing in their families’ lives are important ones, and they need divine guidance.


The Bible gives many instructions to fathers and their responsibilities.  In Israel, they were to talk about how God had delivered His people from bondage and brought them to the Promise Land.  They woke their children up in the morning with the stories, told them again at the noon meal and at the evening meal to reinforce the memory.  Before they put the little ones to bed at night, they told them again.  When they were walking down the road, it was discussed, probably filled conversation when they were on vacation.  It was the number-one topic of discussion in the family.  God would be pleased to have that kind of “publicity” in the family today.  He is still bringing deliverance to those captive to sin and brings them out of the wilderness of Satan’s snares, and He would like for fathers to remind their children of His love and concern for them so they can tell their children when they grow up and have families.

God would be pleased to have every dad as a “PR” (public relations) person on His staff!


Whether a man is a biological father, step-father or just filling in as a surrogate parent, he has a responsibility and a great opportunity to help mold the lives of the kids in his charge.  He will also be accountable to God for his input into their lives.  Children are commanded to obey their parents, and they should; but fathers are to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord which will foster obedience.  Just as God doesn’t discard us when we fail, He wants fathers to never abandon their ties and obligations to their children. 


THE STRONGEST CORD IN THE WORLD IS LOVE!  It acts like a bungee cord; it always brings the erring child back to its loving parent.  The parent refuses to turn the cord loose; so every time the child strays, it is still connected to the caring parent like an umbilical cord which brings life to the unborn baby.  With the slightest loosening grip of the child to his destructive behavior, it is meant to bring him back to the love of his father.

That’s the kind of love God has for each of us, and it is best demonstrated when displayed in the lives of fathers who allow God to love their children through him.

I have a word picture below of an ideal father.  Yes, I know I am not a father, but I can see the portrait God painted in His Word for fathers.  And I also had a father who was not perfect, but who loved his children and was very proud of their accomplishments as they grew up.  I still remember the basketball games he took me and some of my friends to when we played our band instruments to boost our home team.  My father was my strongest supporter to things I wrote and always encouraged me.  Memories flood upon memories, and they are special.


F – Forgiving, as God forgave him

A – Available, at the “drop of a hat” (even dropping his pet projects)

T – Trustworthy, has his kids’ confidence

H – Hears the heartbeat of his kids, is a listener, considers their ideas

E – Ethical, unquestionable character

R – Reciprocal receiver.  Accepts love, loves unconditionally and lets them know.


“Beware lest your footprints on the sands of time leave only the marks of a heel” (from “God’s Little Instruction Book II”).  Unlike footprints in the sand that will be washed away with the evening tide, the prints dad is making now will be stamped on his children, and the “mark” will remain with them all of their lives, even into another generation.


In his book “Grace for the Moment,” Max Lucado mentions how little legs stretch to try to walk in the same footprints left by his father in the snow.  It’s not an easy task, so fathers need to make it worthwhile for the little guy’s effort.  Max notices that when the father is aware of his son’s effort, he slows and shortens his stride.  There’s a world of meaning in that!  It shows compassion and makes the job of keeping up a little easier for his followers.  The key here is that the father is aware that someone is stepping in his footprints.  With that awareness, he will be careful of his own steps.  My dad's "footprints" were a great influence in my life, as I chronicled in a web page:

The Shoe Cobbler's Daughter


“Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; And make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame (weak, inexperienced) be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed (strengthened, matured)” (Hebrews 12:12).

My sister, Lorinda Lee Grubbs also wrote "The Shoe Cobbler's Hands" (at the family website.  Click on the link to view) in honor and remembrance of our dad.  Those hands fixed many "soles on shoes" and attended to even more "souls" while applying the glue and attaching the nails to their shoes.

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord; and he delighteth in his way” (Psalm 37:23).  Just as God delights in men walking in the steps He has ordered, fathers can rejoice that they are walking in a “Delightful Way” so that their children can walk in their steps and please the Lord too. An awesome job, but filled with “delight.”


Dads, be “there” for your kids.  They will never forget you, and it is up to you to create memories that will bring a smile many years down the road, long after you have left this world.  You will also see yourself duplicated as your character is acted out in your offspring toward their own children.


Furthermore, you will be rewarded by your Heavenly Father for your faithfulness.  Being a “Father” according to God’s standards has great rewards, some now and some throughout eternity.  What God wants is for dads to be the kind of father that He, our Heavenly Father, is so that the world will come to know Him, trust and obey Him.  You can do it, Dads, if you will come to know Him, trust Him and obey Him.

“And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath; but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).



Don’t forget to honor your own father on this special day.  Though they don’t always show it, dads (and even dads-in-law) would appreciate knowing you care enough to say “I love you, Dad!”  If your dad is no longer living, you can still honor him by having happy thoughts of him and being thankful for him.

The commandment to “Honor your father and your mother” is not nullified by their deaths.  It’s just plain spiritually and emotionally healthy to “Honor your father and your mother” (alive or deceased) even if you feel they don’t deserve it.  It doesn’t appear that the commandment was conditional.  Just do it because God said to and leave the rest to him.


It’s not hard at all for me, because I had a great dad!  I have paid him honor on our family website and my other websites.  You can see the Father's Day web pages I have done by going to the links below.

This link is to Daddy's "short biography" that I discovered in his journal.



~~ Delores~~

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