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I am stepping "out of the box" for this page with the hopes you will be find it interesting - and important - enough to take action.

Perhaps you tuned in to Fox News Channel on Christmas Day as I did and watched the programs with Rick Warren, best-selling author of "The Purpose Driven Life."  We heard about the love of God, the peace God gives and the resultant joy from knowing Him through Jesus Christ.

Perhaps, like me, you were pleased, surprised and even awed by being able to watch this type of programming on a major news TV channel.

Perhaps, like me, you generally neglect to write, call or somehow notify the networks when you are pleased or disgusted with their programs.

Maybe, just maybe, you will join me on this one and not neglect to let Fox News know you appreciate them running Mr. Warren's programs to promote Christmas.  Not only did he give us good reasons to celebrate Christmas and its purposes, he told us how to have a relationship with the Christ of Christmas in a simple, uncomplicated, effective way.

I don't usually take on "projects" like this, but I think it's time Christians and/or people who believe in Judeo-Christian morals on which our country was founded STOOD UP and be counted!

I sent an email to Fox News Specials complimenting them on today's programs.  You can view my email below as well as the email address I found on their website.  Would you "be counted" among those who will let Fox News know that we appreciate the programs today that exalted Jesus Christ?  Maybe if they knew we watched programs like that and wanted to see more, well, maybe, they might be inclined to listen.  I know they would if enough of their viewers voiced their opinions thusly.


Promoting God's Love, Joy and Peace



"But the Fruit of the Spirit is 'love, joy, peace'..."

(Galatians 5:22)


Copy of my email is here.

Re:  Rick Warren on Fox Christmas Day 2006

I am awed that you have allotted time to allow Rick Warren to present the "Real Meaning" of Christmas!  Without fanfare, he gave us a "Fair and Balanced" message that the world needs desperately to hear as it pursues peace. 

That you would expose yourself to more criticism and cynicism from other narrow-minded / one-mindset media with this Special and others similarly related on this Christmas Day is greatly appreciated by the conservative viewers of which I am one.

I rarely even turn the channel to any other news network! 

Thanks for being in touch with the majority of America!  We applaud you and look forward to a continued happy relationship with you in the coming year.  I am sure I speak for many, many of your viewers who just don't take time to let you know.  I hope they do!

Our hats are off to you and our prayers are with you!

In Appreciation,

Delores Adams


Email Fox News Specials

I hope you will respond to this request and contact Fox News, voice your opinion.


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