“…Her worth is far above rubies…Her children rise up and call her blessed…” (Proverbs 31)

For the first couple of years of our lives, we did have a perfect mother.  Then the terrible two's came along and she seemed to disagree with everything we wanted to do.  When we yelled "mine!" she didn't seem to understand what that meant and would sometimes take what was "mine" away.  Well, now the war was on; and from then on we were at odds with that one-year-old's perfect mother.


I wonder how many times our now-imperfect mother wanted to unscrew the top of our heads and pull out some nonsense and replace it with some good sense, screw the top back on and breath a sign of great relief.


It's the time of year to remember and appreciate how really perfect our mothers became as we grew older and became mothers ourselves, reliving the frustrations that we caused them.

Dues-paying time!

I shudder to think about the dire consequences if my mother had been as perfect as I wanted her to be while I was growing up.  You know, giving me everything I wanted, never withholding privileges that I thought I just had to have or I would die.  It wouldn't have taken long for her to take a good look at me and send me to another cabbage patch!  And what I would have missed by not being her daughter!


There are people who have spent their entire adult lives living in reverse, bemoaning the fact that they didn't have a perfect mother and so missed out on the wonderful memories that could have been theirs, all because she didn't measure up to their standard of perfection.  How sad!  Even tragic, since it affect every other relationship that they have. 


Isn't it amazing that imperfect offspring can expect perfection of their parents and the mother who gave them an incubating place for nine months and birthed them.  What in the world would a perfect mother do with imperfect children?

This is where the truly "perfect" mother shines.  She loves her little imperfect children with a perfect unconditional love.  She endures the midnight raids to the refrigerator for a milk bottle or nourishment from her own body and as often as the inconsiderate squalling infant wants it.


Marathon nights of colic bouts give Mother a good workout pacing back and forth losing sleep.  It doesn’t matter that she has to arise early to help dad and/or the older kids off to work and school. 

Wet and "worse" diapers demand to be changed, only to be wet and worse again and again and again.


Wiping little runny noses and fevered brows, bathing too-warm bodies in tepid water trying to lower the elevated temperature and worrying about why it is up.  More sleep loss.


Time moves on as she runs at breakneck speed trying to keep up with the always restless legs that "must" go here and there and need last minute cookies, homework help and transportation t places near and far.

More sleepless nights as the the clock ticks away and their beds are still empty.  What if they are hurt or in trouble?  What if....??

How would she be able to afford to pay college tuition when dad just got down-sized and the bills were already piling up?

Weddings are expensive and may have to be done on a small scale unless things improve.  And their choice for a mate!  Awk!  But what you see next is another dose of her perfect unconditional love and acceptance.  If you love 'em, she loves 'em!


Mother serves and waits until her family has had its full before she takes her place at the table when the pantry is a little bare.  Well, she needs to lose weight anyway, or so she says.  New Easter dress?  Out of the question.  Kids come first.  New shoes?  Oh no; kids need school clothes and shoes, band uniforms, fees and sports clothes.


Does any of this sound familiar?  If so, you had a perfect mother!  I hope you realized it while you still had her around to tell her so.  If she is still with you, run to her and tell her how perfect she is.  Her hugs are just the right size for you.  After all, God knew exactly whom you needed for a mother.  Are you going to accuse God of error?  Of course not; He doesn't make mistakes.  We just don't always have a clear vision of what He is doing.  Sometimes we can "see" before it's too late; sometimes we can't.  But Mother understands!  That's another evidence of her perfection.

 God doesn't have any perfect children, including Mothers.  But oh, He made mothers with such incredibly great hearts that could love imperfect children with perfect, unconditional God-like love.  Love that doesn't stop when we're bad or when we're rebellious--not even when we are all grown up! 

Yes, we broke her heart many times, but the crack never was large enough for love to leak out.  It was so thick it stayed in place while the brokenness healed.  There is not a love like a Mother's this side of God's love which is the source of unconditional love.  No wonder it's perfect!


I wouldn't have traded my Mother for any I have ever known!  What unselfish love she showered on all her family--anyhow!!  She had a big barrel of excuses, and she could pull out one for every dumb thing we did.  Mostly she would blame herself if we failed.  Of course that gave us two choices:  blame her or ourselves.  I have t say unequivocally the was mine!  What a bundle of bad decisions and dumb things I did that she tried to take the blame for!


She strives for excellence for her family.  Wow! 
How perfect can a Mother be! 

“Who can find a virtuous woman?” (Proverbs 31:10).  The search
goes on, and I know where one lived!  Look and see if you
can’t locate your Mother too.

This was first published on my other website, Heart 2 Heart, in 2004.  I couldn't find a thing I wanted to change!

Happy Mother's day to every woman who has filled the role of "Mother"! 


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M is for the million things she gave me

O means only that she's growing old

T is for the tears were shed to save me

H is for her heart of purest gold

E is for her eyes with love-light shining

R means right and right she'll always be

Put them all together they spell "MOTHER"

A word that means the world to me

The world to me.

(Music--"MOTHER" Sequenced by Margi Harrell_









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