Are Hypocrites Hindering You?

Don't Let them!

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By Faith Be Ready



"Hypocrite:  An actor; a person who pretends what he is not"

Hypocrites are just folks wearing masks



 I heard the other day about conversations with people that say they don't want to accept the Lord into their lives because either they say they aren't ready because they perceive they will have to give up habits in their lives they enjoy or because they have met people that they call "hypocrites," and they use that as an excuse to not accept the Lord into their life.

Let's tackle the first one - the excuse of not wanting to change.  First accept the Lord. True acceptance will enact true change.  It would be willing and not a sacrifice.  Here's a thought....maybe those folks people look at and think of as hypocrites are just people growing and making mistakes like we all do; trying their best to get there but being human and making mistakes along the way.

There are those that hold themselves in high regard and set themselves as the standard!  They are to be pitied for their ignorance but not a barrier to you and the Lord.  Education in God's word - the Holy Bible - (the actual Holy Bible, not some religion's add on or pamphlets - know the actual word of God for yourself) will not make us perfect but will hopefully lessen our "offenses" in other people’s eyes.

Now let's talk about that...hypocrites....we hear that all the time, right?  Don't want to be considered part of that hypocrite group?!  Well, I heard someone say the other day, “Use that argument when you stand in judgment before the Lord!!”  Seriously, would anyone think that rejection of the Lord based on that excuse would hold water? or rejection under any reason?  “Sorry, God, I rejected you because of those people over there!!”  Well, He will probably let you go reside with your peers that also rejected!

Will there be "warm comfort" knowing you lived a sinful life that pleased you and not God?  Oh my, now time for someone to say that sounds like a scare tactic!  The unsaved should be afraid.

My point in saying that is - don't let acts of another person drive a wedge between you and your Heavenly Father.  You wouldn't let a hypocrite keep you from your favorite restaurant or best friend or something else you treasure.  Certainly don't let it keep you from God's promise of grace and eternal life with Him in heaven.

No hypocrites in Heaven!

*by Carol Diane Gray*



By Faith Be Ready


Faith is defined by Webster as: 1) belief without proof; confidence; reliance,  2) belief in God,  3) loyalty; fidelity to an agreement or promise.

I feel so fortunate that my whole life I was raised in a Christian home and Christian church.  My faith and belief come from my heart, not just programming; but yet I can say the upbringing fostered and didn't hinder.  I knew at nine years of age I was God's child and wanted to be part of the family of God.

My reason for saying this is that not everybody is exposed to God's word like that.  Exposure doesn't have to equate to belief or faith either but it helps.  Look how mean the world of people are--"self"-based and "self"-motivated.  We have it in our families, our work places, our churches ad everywhere we go--and ourselves on any given day!  I am afraid for people.  My heart breaks for people that don't understand the power or love of God--that God is real!!   Even professing Christians!  I notice more and more in my own life the distractions and circumstances thrown in my path to distract and take away from my focus, harmony and basic joy of life!  Attitudes ungodly, even from good people, unwittingly do the work against God and create atmosphere of stress and disharmony and change daily focus.

I feel a sense of urgency in my own family members that are sitting on the fence not sure and definitely living in the chaos and misinformation of this world and creating it as well.  Come on!  Let's change focus!  Get it where it belongs!  Off of "self" and onto the Lord.  Education in God's Word will prevent straying thoughts and false teachings into our lives.  It's a whole lot easier to have faith in the right direction with the right information.

I have been reading about the prophecies of the Bible.  Our time here could be short--I know, that has been said for centuries--only the Lord knows.  Actual Bible prophecies are quickly taking place right now--in our lifetime, we are witnessing a lot.  Look at the little tiny county of Israel.  Jewish people scattered for generations, brought back by a promise, living in hostile area among enemies!  Yet, this is a promise and prophecy of the Bible.  God keeps His promises!  In the scheme of the universe we don't register as a speck, but the Bible tells us God knows the very number of hairs on our head!  I love my children fiercely and would sacrifice myself for them, but I couldn't tell you the number of hairs on their head!

We should then also believe that eternity is eternity.  Where do you want to spend it?  It's for certain either way - eternity.  The Lord promises Heaven to us through His grace!  All He asks of us is faith--faith in God and that His son Jesus died for us so we can be saved.  His Word is true.  He also tells He will be back.  I want to be ready!  I want my family and friends to be ready!  I don't want to be separated from them.  I also want to live the best I can according to His principles as not to be ashamed.  I have failed miserably, but that's the glory of God's grace!  He loves me anyway.  He doesn't want our perfection--it isn't possible and none of us can measure up - only our faith and love.

If you are reading this and you are a believer--consider the urgency of those loved ones left behind if we don't share!  If you are not a believer but are considering the information God offers to you, remember--eternity: Heaven or Hell IS FOR CERTAIN, (Just to be blunt)!  Read the Bible, pray for clarity, meditate on what it is saying.  Don't take a chance or just listen to the word of other uninformed people; there is too much at stake.  Know for yourself before you don't have a chance anymore.  We aren't living in eternity at this moment, but it could happen at any time.

Are you ready?!  Would you be ready if it happened before you finish reading this....!

~~Carol Diane Gray~~





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